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  1. Replies

    Re: 2008 RXT 215 engine alignment issue

    Did you get it figured out? From the photos, it looks like the flange isn't covering the c-clip. That would be a very bad thing!
  2. Re: 2015 RXT 260 overheating - Dealer can't figure out why

    Sounds like the same problem I'm having with a 2013 GTI 130. I was thinking the thermostat, but when I looked for it on the microfiche, I can't find one. Anyone come across this with a solution??
  3. Re: How do I clear the maintenance required message on a 2018 seadoo GTI SE

    Thank you for your reply!
  4. How do I clear the maintenance required message on a 2018 seadoo GTI SE

    How do I clear the maintenance required message on a 2018 seadoo GTI SE. I changed the spark plugs, oil and filter.
  5. Replies

    Re: My “new to me” ’96 XP

    You got a great boat! I'm 61 and have been riding this model since they were in the showroom. Simple Green, scrub brush and some hot water and you'll have a creampuff. It looks like you already...
  6. Re: About ready to toss in towel. 96 XP fuel issues

    Can't be sure if I'd solve your problem, but take a look at the fuel vents. There's 2 of em, little one way check valves. Maybe...?
    Anyway, good luck and don't throw in the towel, those are the...
  7. Aftermarket trim and tach gauges for sea doo 96 xp

    I am wondering if anyone has successfully installed aftermarket trim or tachometer(analog) gauges on a 96 xp. OEM in good condition are hard to find.
    Maybe something like these?
    Vdo Marine...
  8. Re: 96XP: Very obvious "knee" in the throttle curve - RAVE's? Water regulator?

    I know what you mean, Ive struggled trying to give my grandkids a smooth ride on this boat. Always figured it was just made that way to run buoys. If you find anything out, I'd be interested too!
  9. Replies

    Re: 96xp bilge pump wiring question

    That sounds like a good idea. A bit of extra work, but definitely worth it in the end. Thanks!!
  10. Replies

    96xp bilge pump wiring question

    I would like to wire my 96xp bilge pump to go on when the gauges and trim control are activated by pushing the start button. I had done it years ago on a 95xp720cc. It was really cool to be able to...
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