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  1. Replies

    Re: x2 750 wan't more low end

    westcoast is a top notch head, i run that head in a couple of my skis but not sure what the 27cc domes will pump out? good thing is they are interchangeable domes.....ive sold a lot of westcoast and...
  2. Replies

    Re: x2 750 wan't more low end

    you can buy an aftermarket head that will raise compression....raised compression will give you good bottom end punch as well as mid range......if you mill a stock head, you will need to watch your...
  3. Replies

    Re: Installing tubbies

    im gonna be doing the same thing on mine, does your arse end want to slide out on you during turns? not full throttle leg drags but just normal riding? ive got a riva which is great on strait line...
  4. Re: Finally After Years It's almost ready

    just as an update, ski runs great, going to take the riva ride plate off and install a carbon fiber one and see if i can get it to stop the rear from wanting to slide out, also thinking about...
  5. Re: Replacement Battery Recommendations

    we were talking about this subject just this we've seen some batteries that you just can't kill and some you baby and die.......

    ive always been told that deckas were top notch,...
  6. Re: Replacement Battery Recommendations

    lol, i've got stacks of deckas and decka knock offs that did not see two years......and a bunch of pissed off customers, why? thats a good
  7. Re: Replacement Battery Recommendations

    the only battery I've got to last longer than 5 years is an agm or odyssey

    two years tops with anal maintenance over the last 18 years of trying is all I could get with an vented acid filled.
  8. Re: Replacement Battery Recommendations

  9. Sticky: Re: Tips for those winterizing soon (yamaha)

    i guess i need to read throuh all of this first but.....

    here is how i do most skis.......four stroke anyway

    add fuel conditioner yamaha part number acc-fuelm-rx-16 one once to every gallon for...
  10. Re: Replacement Battery Recommendations

    how people get more than 2 years out of a lead acid filled battery is beyond me. here in texas they are lucky to see 2 years.
    next and best upgrade is agm, odyssey fan here too.

  11. Re: Finally After Years It's almost ready

    You too Bruce! Long time no

    Now that the little ones are big enough to take to the lake (4 kids now) i'm going to be riding this as much as I can as well as my new VXR!!
  12. Re: Finally After Years It's almost ready

    yes, running the msd enhancer and msd coil, the coil is the problem.

    it seems that the hull is drilled for two seperate spots for the ebox to me mounted to? is this normal or just how this came?
  13. Re: Finally After Years It's almost ready


    don't laugh, its my worst work i promise, i just slapped everything together to see if it actually worked and ran
    i did the foax carbon fiber with...
  14. Finally After Years It's almost ready


    theres been a ton of crap happen torwards the end of the build that i had to push this to the side but finally got it all going this weekend.

    still have not solved a few...
  15. Replies

    Re: 144 pump in FX1?

    i think there are several good writeups on greenhulk

    i was going to do the mod on mine but gave up and just wanted to ride and put the stocker back in
  16. Replies

    Re: What Is The Best Oil For A 587?

    this is one of the best reply's iv'e read. sea doo oil has special additives to help keep the oil injection lines and crank seals from going hard and dry rotting/cracking and the such. the effects of...
  17. Replies

    Re: Engine rebuilder

    what kind of engine?
  18. Replies

    951 carb rx bogging issue

    i've done a many 951 carb/fuel system rebuilds but this one has me stumped......

    carbed rx, came in typical carb/fuel system rebuild, low hour, garage kept, super clean, great compression and the...
  19. Replies

    Re: 2000 zxi 1100 air intake tubes

    that is common, they just push into the flame arrestor bottom, just align the slot in them with the hole on the cv carbs.
  20. Re: Buying a new STX-15F, anything special to look for?

    look through the back of the pump and check for impeller to wear ring clearance, if the blades of the impeller are touching the wear ring more on one side than the other then that could be bad....
  21. Replies

    Re: Oversize rod bearings

    and ive got a crank for sale

    wfo do you know how much they charge for a single journal?
    ive got several spun cranks
  22. Re: 175 hours on our 2005 STX-12F: is it time to overhaul the pump?

    yeah your lucky, ive seen new skis with only 8hrs and the pump failed taking the engine out. ive seen this tons of times. def update the internals like mentioned above
  23. Replies

    Re: Oversize rod bearings

    i think the 12f just had a shorter rod but the cranks were all the same
    yes, there are 3 different size bearings for the crank and rods, kawi lists them by color, yellow, pink, green, blue, brown,...
  24. Replies

    Re: how fast should it go???

    try pumping the throttle or jumping the ski out of the water to get the rpms up and see if it holds it.......

    sounds like weak......well, do the test then i'll tell you, i need more info
  25. Re: 787 water in crankcase from rebuild

    stick a zip tie in the fill hole and see if the oil is milky

    i like to flush the bottom end with alcohol which absorbs water a few times then hit it with some two stroke oil or something of the...
  26. Replies

    Re: intercooler repair?

    it is the external one, it was bad from the factory. it was replaced but it is like new and i hate to scrap it........maybee it will go as a meth injection
  27. Replies

    intercooler repair?

    has anyone found someone that will repair sea doo intercoolers? or just get a new one?

    i have one with like 2hrs on it but hate to scrap it.
  28. Re: Hydraulic Trim For X4 $100 + shipping

    very interested.......
  29. WTB: Sea Doo 4 tec Head/Pistons/Rings

    looking for good used head for sc 4 tec and a piston/ring set, gaskets...etc.......dropped a valve in mine and need to rebuild but just want to put minimum back in just to make it run.
  30. Re: Parting out 04 gtx 215ic all parts available

    are you doing to part the engine out or sell it whole?
  31. Re: Engine Failures of 2006 Kawi' 12F's & 15F's

    more than likely they would deny it, not because of hours but its age. they sure would not cover an engine being shipping with unknown data. i would have to tell them the machine is in front of me or...
  32. Re: Engine Failures of 2006 Kawi' 12F's & 15F's

    i work at a dealer for all makes and have seen a bunch of 12/15f engine failures due to the jet pump.........anywhere from 04 to current with as little as 8 hrs on the clock..............

  33. Re: WTB: Sea Doo 4 tec Head/Pistons/Rings

    thanks, looking for good used stuff
  34. Replies

    Re: Issue with 2000 900 stx

    those skis are known for the intake ducts to dry rot and break and fall down into the engine
    they are also known for broken/cracked oil pump lines if you still have those.
    first thing i would do is...
  35. Replies

    Re: Want to Buy 1999 1100zxi Ebox

    i have a complete 1998 but not sure if its the same or not?

    i would have to open it up to see what condition it is in.
  36. WTB: Sea Doo 4 tec Head/Pistons/Rings

    dropped a valve or two on the center cylinder on my 04 gtx sc and going to see if its worth fixing or parting out....thanks
  37. Re: Mikuni I series carbs and related questions.

    if you have new n/s and same color springs in both......something is not right.

    as in o-ring around the seat, check the carb inside for corrossion, wet the needle, my gauge goes up to 100psi and...
  38. Replies

    TDR 900/1050/1200 waterbox

    i have a real nice shape tdr waterbox with water injection stinger for polaris, it came off of a 1050 but i'm sure it will fit other models. i think the 900 and 1200 carbed skis take the same box...
  39. Replies

    Re: Throttle options for an FX-1

    i prefer the kawi thumb throttle over the finger throttle, seems i just have better control.

    i have them on all my skis but my doo doo's cuz they come with a somewhat thumb throttle anyway.
  40. Replies

    Re: FX-1 oem decal reprints?

    i got my graphics at lg1 designs and im sure he can do a stock setup, he has my measurements from my fx1...
  41. Replies

    Re: my fx1 build-----custom painted

    i know you guys are going to shoot me but i'm just now getting this thing finished and lost some parts in the move, been a lot going on in my life but i'm short:
    pole pad
    jetting specs for riva red...
  42. wtb handlepole pad and ebox parts

    somehow i lost my ebox gasket, screws and most grommets when i moved as well as the handlepole pad, the whole thing is gone so i will need the whole thing.

  43. Replies

    Re: FX1 only quarter thottle..

    ive only owned one fx1 and replaced my coil with an msd, not sure if the fx1s are the same or not but as a lot of yamaha skis, the spark plug caps have built in resistors in them, you need to check...
  44. Replies

    Re: The ROK build!

    it almost looks like it reads kenny sucks.............something

    send it down to the east side and lay it by the'll get the same thing for free and it won't come off cuz i've...
  45. Re: Will this TDR waterbox fit in a FX-1?

    no but it may fit mine
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