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  1. Re: Group K " 650SX "Sleeper" prop perfect condition !

    Moving down the list . staying at $145 shipped.
  2. Re: Group K " 650SX "Sleeper" prop perfect condition !

    no body ?
    $145 shipped ?
  3. Group K " 650SX "Sleeper" prop perfect condition !

    Group K Sleeper Prop ( 650SX )
    Solas 8-13 VP with Group K adjustments
    Purchased end of last season approx
    I used this prop 15 minutes it is immaculate .
    $225 shipped
    PM me if interested...
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    Re: 1995 750 SXI / Possible seize?

    Alright Hazard, what did you find ? Like said above eliminate the oiler, pull the head , or that ski will never leave Harlan alive !!! I can't remember a time when I had even comp numbers after such...
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    Re: 650sx engine question

    I believe 89 was the year Kawasaki started that corrective action.
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    Re: 650sx to sbn 44 throttle cable routing

    Here this may help you need a few components, John Zigler/Watcon can hook you up I would think. I believe I have bought various components from him over the years. I have broke at least 2-3 SS...
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    Re: WTB 650 SX Factory Pipe

    I'm ready " ericmorrill " I have been trying to get ahold of you but your PM mailbox is in over-limit status....??? I even emailed you . It appears your harder to get ahold of .... than 1st...
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    WTB 650 SX Factory Pipe

    Seems I'm cross addicted and totally missed the FP 650 order program of recent times.
    Looking for one even a lead of someone I can pester the shat out of for 1...LOL

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    Re: Dual pisser with stock cooling?

    I have to concur with JX2. Truth be told the 650's have always had poor pisser volume that's why K Group was drilling out all fittings to 1/4"with their mod projects. Way back in the day when I had...
  10. Re: Can I tow (in the water) a stand up jetski?

    The best way to tow even stand up w/ stand up is to have a rider on it .... no wake zone ...well even the DNR, Sheriffs & coast guard know a stand up does not make " no wake "....! JIMO
    The trick is...
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    Re: Best Speedometer App

    I have Speed Box & Speed Tracker on my Iphone that I have used on my sleds this past winter. I did a quick search for Andriod and the link list some results, neither of those made the list below but...
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    Re: Westcoast 650sx/x-2 parts

    PM sent for the head...
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    Re: Spark troubles 650

    barring it's not your exciter coil on your stator ? It could be in the idle/ low speed adjuster circuit. If that's was off it will never start.
  14. Re: Can I ride this or do I need a new impeller?

    Time for a wet suit.... brother ! Either that or a snowmobile !
    You need to tell us what type of ski you have to get any recommendations besides if you search the forum there should be tons of...
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    Re: Idle tuning help

    Well, just for the heck of it check the idle & low speed adjuster / circuit. If that is messed up it could be an issue along with a good carb gasket and / or seated properly & tight.
    Set Idle ??? I...
  16. Re: Can I ride this or do I need a new impeller?

    I'm no expert on impellers but if you mean the missing flats on the hex ?? Your good to go .... get that ski in the drink without delay. If there is something else that I'm missing in the pic ? and...
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    Re: 750sx handling

    Yes sponsons may help a little ( if I can remember ? ) but the 650SX hull was one of the most stabil hulls for speed( back in the day ) albeit ... it still picked up the nickname " Turd ". We had...
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    Re: 650sx battery straps missing

    The hull B-box screw posts are pretty rigid. I used over sized coarse pitch screws & screwed my box back down... but... before I did, I custom cut an old rachet strap and slid it under. I haven't...
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    Re: JS400 Stator

    Keep at it... start at the stator like your doing. I bought a spare motor a long time ago, when I cracked the stator cover off after 5 years due to a charging issue. I ran into the same kind of mess...
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    Re: Proper Routing for Dual Cooled 650SX

    There was a sketch on here years ago,,, I run a WC pipe & exh mani , if I remember correctly I drilled & tapped w/1/8" pipe tap the WC exh mani on both sides, plugged the middle port, then ran those...
  21. 89 650 SX ( TURD ) stator harness, and AM wang chung rectifier w/signal wire HELP>>>

    Ok , seems like I struggle with wiring schematics & diode checking and have pulled all my hair out with these old school stand-ups that I simply won't give up.
    1989 650SX
    I have a working 5 stator...
  22. Re: Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons Next to NEW

  23. Re: 750 sx Won't start after reassembly ????? Any ideas ????

    Dump fuel right down the plug holes,( quickly reinstall plugs ) turn it over.... see what happens.
    JIMO.... there is no way 138/140 is low enough to cause that type of issue... I have 1 lunged a ski...
  24. Re: Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons Next to NEW

    Mattawan ( West burbs of Kzoo ) exit 66 on I-94
  25. Re: Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons Next to NEW

    $250 split on shipping
  26. Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons Next to NEW

    1 Set of Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons, 750 SXR/ 750SXI /750/ Hydrospace
    Had them on a 96 sxi
    I used these 2 outings, Black, 2 years old, comes with a brand new hardware kit, couplers, bolts washers...
  27. Re: 650SX Front Cylinder running noticeably hotter than the rear

    Some things just have to be trouble shot at the "local watering hole". "Running on the hose " has limited worthiness ....
    I just keep my ski's strapped down to the trailer , backed in the water and...
  28. Re: 650 sx compression questions, just needing some advive

    This is so true .... I have for years struggled with junk gauges, questionable testing techniques ( at times ) when checking my motors in the ski's & sled's.... I finally broke down and bought a Snap...
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    Re: 650sx runs great then...

    I have had a plethora of problems this year.... if it is a exhaust leak there should be some " out gassing residue " where the blow by is . Easy to see if your looking. Check your rubber couplers in...
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    Re: Dialing in a modded 440 w/sbn44

    In addition to MrSki's input ... you may want to get a couple sets of plugs.... and after the changes ( make 1 change at a time ) or develop a baseline starting point ..... start the " plug reading...
  31. Thread: need help!

    by mjkaliszak

    Re: need help!

    1st for the record... I'm not a Guru.... however 2 things that come to mind are as follows.
    It's hard to help with your description, ski lost power .... then would take off and run fine. What is...
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    Re: The 650sx Brotherhood

    You need to index stator plate/ring 120 degrees to the left ( Counter clockwise )
    There is a line molded in the casting ( Right side mount location or top of your picture) that will line up with the...
  33. Replies

    Re: 750sx dual carbs help....

    Occam's razor .... best to start there ! Did you " dink " with the springs ?
  34. Re: Sxr won't hardly crank, bad starter or hydro locked?

    Well " JonnyX2 ' is onto something.... sucks if that is true.... or maybe some other interference ... just throwing out things I have seen cause grief .... for example .... a broke ring , sucked ring...
  35. Replies

    Re: 650sx won't stop.

    Sounds like a bad ground ( but ) I may be way off here... I believe if my memory isn't totally shot that a " kill switch " is just a pathway to ground. Start with your cdi source... ask for some...
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    Re: 650 SX Mikuni sbn 44 carb upgrade

    This is a good mod, I was able to pick up ( several years ago ) an WC intake on the cheap... I want to say it only cost me $35 . My rec is to buy a AM mani & a larger arrestor w/pre-filter. I'm...
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    Re: Different 650 voltage regulators?

    I kind of have to question this... I have 2 different 650 sx ebox's ( large & small box ) the rectifiers ( (regulator in this verbage ) may be a year or 2 apart ??? The rectifiers are marked with 7.1...
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    Re: 2013 Jetski Kawasaki 650 for $1200

    Ok have to ask.... LOL
    What's the compression and is that shipped ...........:popcorn:
  39. Re: Engine slow to return to idle after revving on trailer.

    do you have an air leak somewhere ?With load on the motor.... I would think it would return quickly .... vs ... no load on the trailer.... Just my .02
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    Re: 1989 SX650 runs porly

    Here is a pic of my spare, do yourself a favor and when you get the chance... add an extra ground to your system. I did this year on advice of a forum member... I melted down my harness ( black wire/...
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    Re: 1989 SX650 runs porly

    From an engineering perspective... the electrical items either function of fail.... I still don't like the looks of that stator , the windings are deteriorating & the connections look corroded......
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    Re: 1989 SX650 runs porly

    That stator looks suspect, it functions of coarse but the windings shellac is broken in places and overall looks like it is on the decline. just an observation.
    Your pump & prop look ( OK ) it is...
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    Re: 1989 SX650 runs porly

    Low speed is damaged HS not so much. I doubt this causing your problems... I always look for the tips to be completely broken off... seen that before and extracting the broken tip from the carb is...
  44. Re: Starter or starter relay ? What do you think?

    Just an idea, jump over the solenoid, go ground cable ( - ) and ( + ) to starter cable with a jump starter. that will rule out a solenoid issue... and weak battery.... all at once. I kind of thought...
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    Re: First start in 2 years 89' 650sx

    Squirt a little lube down the plug holes turn it over by hand a few times and if it doesn't bind try to fire it. Empty tank use fresh gas and mix fat.... If it runs fine ride it you burn it down pull...
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