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  1. Re: HUGE Multi-Seller Jet Ski Rummage Sale, October 19th & 20th, near Chicago&Milwauk

    I'll down to show up as a buyer this year. Last year was a lot of fun. Lots of good deals and cool people.
  2. Re: Polaris SLTX '97, "HOT OIL" for a second or two

    There's supposedly something you can do with a resistor to trick the oil gauge into thinking it's always full. I was lazy and just plugged the empty line from the oil tank and filled it with old oil...
  3. Re: You guys think there will be a 4 stroke superjet?

    Yeah I saw, I'm quite impressed, to be honest. Really didn't think they could pull it off. Granted the engine bay has gone from having a ton of room to being really cramped, I'd say they did a good...
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    Re: broken back sale lots of shi t

    Any exhaust systems for a 701 in rough shape I can use for my 760 SJ conversion? I'm in SE Wisconsin, could pick up local if you're close.
  5. Re: You guys think there will be a 4 stroke superjet?


    There's no way to fit a 4 stroke in a small hull like the original Superjet SNs and RNs. If you think a 4 stroke SJ is going to be some nimble and fun freestyle ski, you're gonna be...
  6. Thread: 61x Bore

    by pro785

    Re: 61x Bore

    Never bore more than you have to. You are just wasting cylinder wall for when something happens. The oversize pistons and additional cylinder wall thickness are there so if you seize the engine or do...
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    Re: A Minty Stock 1990 SJ... Whats next?

    Some skis are getting rare and somewhat collectible. When is the last time you saw a SN SJ this clean and in nice shape? They are almost always beaten up, at the least. Worse they have all sorts of...
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    Re: First stand up, JSX550

    Yes they are forged. You will need to be a little careful warming up the engine and keep it out of really cold water (like below 50f).

    I like wisecos because they are stronger but a lot of people...
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    Re: Polaris 750 SL Ebox issues - 1994

    No prob, Polaris guys gotta stick together. Congrats.
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    Re: Polaris 750 SL Ebox issues - 1994

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    Re: 07 fxho with blown motor

    Anything can be fixed if you're desperate enough. That can be welded back up. But the question is if you want to spend the time and money on a 13 year old ski. A long block will cost you more than...
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    Re: Buying a 96 780 slt

    Those blue fuji engines are nearly invincible. I had an SL 750 for my first ski, I rode it so much I wore the bores out and it lost compression. I hydrolocked it several times. We sold it to a...
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    Re: WTB Yamaha VXR 650 Midshaft assembly

    If one from a GP 760 works I have one for you. Fresh water, low hours, spins very nice. I'm in SE Wisconsin, probably close enough to deal local, I go to Chicago suburbs at least a few times a month...
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    Re: Wtb: 785 crankshaft

    Not enough coffee when I wrote that post, lol. You have to send it to a place like Crankworks and have it rebuilt. You can use SBT rods, they're fine. They don't make the bearings, or they're very...
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    Misc GP 760 Parts

    I have a collection of GP 760 parts for sale. I prefer to deal locally, and if someone wanted to buy them all I would consider doing a bulk package for the right price.

    Rear grab rail: $25...
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    Re: Wtb: 785 crankshaft

    The pro 785 driveshaft was used in a lot of other models, it might help your search out a bit. This isn't a complete list of compatible models...
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    Re: 1991 Kawasaki 550 or 1994 Kawasaki 750

    I think this is more a choice between the 750 and the superjet. 750 is better for going fast and carving, superjet is more fun for doing tricks and making lots of quick, fast turns going slow. I have...
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    Re: bad porpoising on 650sx

    The ride plate washer trick doesn't work unless you fill in the gap between the hull and the plate. Water just goes between it and doesn't provide enough lift.

    Fill it with 3M 3200 and it should...
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    Re: 785 pro/1200 motor swap / 785 pipes on a 1200

    I think even if it worked it would be a lot of work. You couldn't use the head pipes, for example, and you'd have to make your own. I don't know how much those pipes would choke a 1200, either. Maybe...
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    Re: 550 SX Questioning Year

    Maybe it's different in Canada, but you should be able to get the HIN off the registration papers.
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    Cheap Pipe For Superjet 760 Conversion

    Looking for a pipe + manifold for a 760 conversion. Don't want to chop up anything super nice, would like it if it were something like a pro-tec pipe with the outlet facing the wrong way so I can cut...
  22. Re: Polaris PRO785 with wrong rod length. Want do ditch this thing (St Petersburg FL)

    I have this ski, it runs good.
  23. Re: 650 coffman exhaust manifold on 760 cylinders

    I'm in your position and everyone I've asked about it said it's a horrible idea. It's just way too restrictive and it'll make jetting and other stuff a nightmare, and it won't run that well. I have a...
  24. Re: Blaster 2 rebuilt carbs aren't running much better.

    Why are you buying made in China crap after Chinese Virus when you can buy made in Japan Genuine Mikuni? You're wasting your time and money and supporting a bunch of bat soup eating degenerates.
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    Re: SXI Pro Slow Engine Rollover

    Check the date on your battery. Sometimes people sell you old batteries that have been sitting on the shelf for years without any charging, and they are dead from the start, no matter what you do.
  26. Re: WTB Yamaha 701 Exhaust Pipe for 760 conversion

    Bump, I'd take one that can have the exit cut off and rotated, too.
  27. WTB Yamaha 701 Exhaust Pipe for 760 conversion

    Looking for an aftermarket pipe to fit on a 760 superjet conversion. Prefer it to be in need of some care, it's fine if it needs a little welding. Want something decent in rough shape, I don't feel...
  28. Re: HUGE Multi-Seller Jet Ski Rummage Sale, October 19th & 20th, near Chicago&Milwauk

    I had a great time, sold a few things, and picked up some parts I needed for really cheap. Looking forward to next year.
  29. Re: HUGE Multi-Seller Jet Ski Rummage Sale, October 19th & 20th, near Chicago&Milwauk

    Planning on coming to sell tomorrow, wasn't sure if I was. Anything I need to do or bring to sell? Bunch of GP 760 stuff I posted in the thread before, Kaw intake grate, more stuff probably.
  30. Re: HUGE Multi-Seller Jet Ski Rummage Sale, October 19th & 20th, near Chicago&Milwauk

    Oh wow, how did I mess that up? It's everywhere on the thread. I'm going to plan on being there then. Thanks for organizing all of this.
  31. Re: HUGE Multi-Seller Jet Ski Rummage Sale, October 19th & 20th, near Chicago&Milwauk

    I have a good amount of parts from a GP 760 I harvested the engine from. Can I show up Sunday and sell? I'm busy the 12th but I can come the 13th.

  32. Re: 2014 superjet with mods will sell for cheap need gone asap (LONG ISLAND)

    Wrong link
  33. Thread: 2019 vxr

    by pro785

    Re: 2019 vxr

    Verifying your speed with GPS on a stock ski will only lead to disappointment.
  34. Re: So glad to finally have an account, in the market for a budget ski and need advic

    xl 700 is a massive turd, you will be disappointed quickly. it's just too much boat for that engine.
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    Re: Got my first Jet Ski a 2001 Kawasaki 900 STS

    These things come loose. I had a bad ground a few days ago. Put the ski away, ran perfectly fine, no problems at all starting it that day. Go to start it the next day, get a click. Nothing. Swap out...
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    Re: Got my first Jet Ski a 2001 Kawasaki 900 STS

    Just a click when trying to start could be a bad ground, too. Make sure the ground contact is clean and tight. My experience is to get it running then worry about cosmetics. I always use the cosmetic...
  37. Re: 750 SXi with R&D Snail Jetting Starting Point

    Thank you a ton for the detailed post.
  38. 750 SXi with R&D Snail Jetting Starting Point

    Looking for a starting point with pop off and jetting. I have a 750 SXi, overbored to 81.5mm, Stock airbox, stock waterbox, some slight porting and well done exhaust polishing, with the R&D snail...
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    Re: Genesis thrust issue - Help Needed ASAP

    Looks like the coupler failed, bet you can spin the drive shaft around in the pump. Just make sure the battery is off or you could lose some fingers.
  40. Thread: Bead blasting

    by pro785

    Re: Bead blasting

    That's just old grease and oil, use something like simple green and scrub away.
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    Re: Hey guys Question

    Not if you're going to run it in salt water.
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    Wiseco 813M08150 Piston Kits

    I have two brand new 813m08150 Wiseco piston kits for sale. Includes two pistons, rings, wrist pin, clips. These are for the older 750s with the smaller wrist pins, also for 1.5mm overbore.

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    Re: New to modding, pipe?

    You will definitely know if it's too lean. If you put the pipe on and it doesn't feel right, you need to make it richer. It's not too difficult, I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Re: 750sxi 1100 triple .. should I buy it?

    1100 in an sxi or sxr is a lot of boat to handle, it will murder your 650. It will also last like 45 minutes on a tank of gas. I rode an 1100 SX-R before, it's a ton of fun, really fast. But you will...
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    Re: 2 pwc for sale part out or you fix $1500

    What's the code on the 1100? You close to Chicago?
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