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  1. Re: For Sale: 750 Xi Engine - Complete and ready to install

    I cleaned the engine up. Bead blasted it and repainted the engine & bed plate. Looks good. Stator goes with the engine.

  2. For Sale: Worx Scoop grate for Kawasaki 800 SXR

    Hybrid Worx Scoop Grate for Kawasaki 800 SXR. This grate was originally on a round nose Yamaha Superjet. I modified it to fit my SXR. It works very good. You can see the picture of what the grate...
  3. For Sale: 750 Xi Engine - Complete and ready to install

    For Sale: 750 Xi Engine as removed from the ski. It runs great and has great compression. Stator cover plate is not going with the engine it has been sold (took the pictures before it was...
  4. For Sale: 2008 Kawasaki 250X - Excellent shape 57 hours

    2008 Kawasaki Ultra 250X. EXCELLENT shape. 57 hours on ski & 100% original parts - No aftermarket parts. 4 Cylinder 1.5L Engine Supercharged 250 Hp - 65 mph. The ski has: Reverse, Fold down step to...
  5. Re: FS: 2008 Kawasaki 250X Ultra - Charlotte, NC

    I was having issues attaching pictures in the original listing. So here they are.

  6. FS: 2008 Kawasaki 250X Ultra - Charlotte, NC

    Ski is in excellent shape. Has 53 hours on it. Ski has Reverse, Supercharged for excellent performance, rear step to get on it easier in the water, 3 seat capacity - so you can tow a skier with it,...
  7. WTB: "Damper, Hatch" (storage hood shock absorber) & bracket for Kawasaki 250x

    I am looking for a "Damper, Hatch" as Kawasaki calls it. And the mounting bracket. The 'damper,hatch" is the shock absorber that lifts and holds the front hood for the storage compartment. Part...
  8. Replies

    Re: Weekly Buoy Course Riding on Lake Norman

    Brad / Paul,
    Thank for putting this post up. I had no clue on where to go.
  9. Thread: 800 Dry Pipe

    by jefski520

    Pipe breaking

    AS far as washers, my pipe fit the best with 4 washers in the rear and 2 washers up front. Or something like that. I put the boat back to stock and sold it earlier this year. :cry:

    I did keep...
  10. vilder software....all set

    I got a copy of the software. I am all set.

    Thanks Jim & Leeann.
  11. Thread: 800 Dry Pipe

    by jefski520

    dry pipe cracking......

    5 months.... You gotta be kidding. I raced my Limited SXR two seasons without replacing anything on the pipe.

    I think you have something wrong in your setup. Try this recipe...

    1. remove 2 of...
  12. Help...Need Vilder SOFTWARE for Kaw 800 SXR

    I borrowed a Vilder from a friend and the disk is not readable. Anyone got a copy of the software that they could send me? if so, send me a PM.

  13. Considering making a larger capacity fuel tank for SXR.....

    Ok, I have seen this toipic a few times and have considered making a larger tank for the SXR.

    The problem is that this project will take some major time to make the first tank, but after that, I...
  14. Replies

    skis that quits running...

    Check the fuel vent check valve. I have had this happen on several skis.

    There is a one way check valve on the vent line for the fuel tank. What can happen is that the valve cound be plugged...
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