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  1. Replies

    Re: 2017 Kawasaki sxr standup 4-stroke

    Ya took the words out of my mouth n beat me to it. 951 needs his redbull n captain crunch cut off lol
  2. Replies

    Which one ultra 150 or new stx 15f

    I want a quick reliable ski both gf n I can use? Been trying to find pluses n minuses on each ski or shoot outs w no such luck.
  3. looking for used skI for gf,which engine?

    I'm looking for a reliable used,stable ski for gf.I am currently looking at 06 gp 1300 r w 115 hours 4500 and a 2010 fx 3 seater w 35 hours gf like performance but never had a ski.I love 2...
  4. Replies

    Re: 2014 superjet?

    I bought 1 in august 2014.
  5. Re: anyone riding @ Corsen's Inlet tomorrow? 8/25/14

    I'd like to ride tomorrow or.sunday, need you.need a ski to borrow?
  6. Re: anyone riding @ Corsen's Inlet tomorrow? 8/25/14

    Damn the timing isn't ever right.i wanted to go to roar to the shore last weekend,haven't had the time to have front tire replaced on has a slow leak I can't find and before it turns into a big...
  7. Re: anyone riding @ Corsen's Inlet tomorrow? 8/25/14

    I have my ski, looking forward to the weekend
  8. Re: anyone riding @ Corsen's Inlet tomorrow? 8/25/14

    Im planning on getting my superjet in the next week or 2 waiting for my Isjba card to give dealer and then if you want We can meet up to ride if youd like.
  9. Replies

    Re: question on unloading skis on beach

    Hey thanks! Yea I am aware of the No wake zones.This country has more stupid laws then its got brains.
  10. Replies

    question on unloading skis on beach

    I will eventually be moving to West Ashley to be with my girlfriend.I was wondering can one unload skis onto a beach dolly and take them into the surf or do you have to go to a marina and unload...
  11. Re: anyone heard any rumors on the 2015 superjet? 1 month to go for dealer show

    There will be a 2015 model,how do I know this? Because I just bought a 2014 superjet and the dealer just got back from the florida dealer show and said while they will be numbered skis being put out...
  12. Replies

    Re: 2014 Yamaha Superjet

    I like the blue ones they had, but being able to still buy a stand up still rocks.once they stop making them I will totally give up on buying anything new.
  13. Replies

    2014 superjet?

    I'm looking into buying one,right now trying to not only find one for best price but finding the honest to god truth if I can register and number one for this stupid too many damn law state?
  14. Re: Folly Island to Morris Island Inlet South Carolina

    My go just moved down here,wish I had my wave blaster to ride with yall.Been hanging out with her at folly beach, James island.killing me to see some skis and knowing I can't ride, grrr.
  15. Re: Looking to buying a 2013-2014 Superjet,A few Questions?

    Thanks for your reply!:) Was your ski financed or did you buy it straight out?My Yamaha dealer has a 2013 marked down to 7500 ,salesman said they wont get any lower on it or I wont find one for any...
  16. Looking to buying a 2013-2014 Superjet,A few Questions?

    Im looking to pull the trigger on either a leftover or new one probably at the end of the season.My questions would be Can I get it registered and stickered in NJ.I notice on craft it says for racing...
  17. Any one in NJ , ny pa, del, maryland or virginia w a new spark, looking to try one.

    I called the one boat place who is having demo days and never got a call back.Im willing to pay someone to try one i wont even hotdog or need slot of time on one.I have a wave blaster but need...
  18. Replies

    Re: Spark, any good?

    I've been eyeing this ski, I just wonder how the reliabilty is and if I do get one if I'll be happy w the performance of it? I ask that because I have a waveblaster 1 and had a wb 2 as well and I...
  19. Replies

    Re: Spark, any good?

    I think its good that there trying to come out w affordable run abouts again these new skis are really boats.Good for rough waters but to me I rather have nimble and affordable.
  20. Replies

    Re: Can't get enough of all craigslist jokers!

    I SWEAR too many people are drinking the fluridated water.!lol
  21. Re: Looking at Wave Blaster.. what one should i be looking for?

    You shouldnt have no problem getting what you need for these.I dont know it seems alot of members who had blasters either arent here anymore or sold or parted theres out.Idk why one would get rid of...
  22. Replies

    whats best price on leftover stand ups?

    I'm looking to buy a new stand up dealer by me has an 11 kawasaki sxr and super jet for7899.Do you think I could wheel n deal on the price or will they not budge much?
  23. Replies

    Re: stand up racing

    I was at the dealership yesterday salesman said he just got
    the last one in.He stated this is is for the superjet .I really dont want to finance one but if this is it it night be worth it.what is...
  24. Replies

    Re: stand up racing

    Wish I could afford a stand up before they totally stop making them or worse outright ban em.None of the new skis neither appeal to me nor can I Afford a 8 grand plus ski
  25. Re: AGENDA 21 -most grave threat to the American way

    THis is appalling,I dont know how the same people who the system made wealthy can support such a evil and selfish constricted governance? I'll tell ya what this is world wide communism and...
  26. Any one riding bay/surf off jersey shore labor day weekend 2012?

    I'mlooking for some one to ride w or knows where to unload my ski at.Never rode the ocean and would love to go just dont know how to get out there or what inlet I have to use.
  27. Re: Where are these new Benelli's and where is Momar?

    great looking ski,love the edgy angles on it.I'dloveto have one of these since the dopes at kawasaki and yamaha no longer make skis for real enthusiasts.I just hope its not priced out of peoples...
  28. Replies

    Re: Forest Service hit for Border Patrol call

    We should stop letting asshats not only run our country into the ground but screwing our own people as well.I swear we have morons running things I see it at my job on the local level,no one has any...
  29. Replies

    Re: stand up racing

    I dont have a stand up so I guess count me out.
  30. Replies

    Re: Bulls Island/Toks island?

    Since when are they charging ramp fees?! WTFI thought the ramps were free godamn christie and thieving politicians.
  31. Replies

    Re: High gas prices

    The problem is we keep allowing these self interest governing bodies to keep cornholing us
  32. Replies

    Re: Sit down are way Better

    The newer sit downs while much faster and better fuel economy then there predesessors are to big in my opinion.If thats what you enjoy fine I get that but it would be nice if there was more of a...
  33. Replies

    Re: Euro Blaster 3 - 1200?

    Im still waiting for yammie to come out w one,Id pay 8 grand for it.
  34. Re: Sea-Doo Looking For Ultimate Fan, Giving Away Watercraft

    Yeah when they come out w the new 2013 hx 800 2 stroke Ill be there biggest fan:D
  35. Thread: 2012 sj

    by Rebelyell

    Re: 2012 sj

    Let them sell 5 million 4 pokes to the oblivious yuppies and families w too much money who should know better to spend that kind of money on a boat.Let the rest of us be able to roost on stand ups.I...
  36. Replies

    Re: New Law for New Jersey

    What I say too 800x,it seems people have turned into sheep and have somehow forgotten theres more of us then them.
  37. Thread: Racing

    by Rebelyell

    Re: Racing

    I race around like I stole it and beat the piss outta my waveblaster:D
  38. Replies

    Re: Vintage skis, The new hipster trend?

    I have a 86 nitehawk 700 sc I bought for 2100 back in 04 after I had wrecked my brand new street bike.Being I wasnt ableto afford a new one and saw everu one riding I needed one to scratch the...
  39. Thread: 2012 sj

    by Rebelyell

    Re: 2012 sj

    SHHHH Id be very quiet about what the op stated,next you know some epa greenie communist enviro idiot will see this and the ball will get rolling and then there wll be no more stand ups:(
  40. Re: Occupy Portland Oregon pic's that i took today

    Not too take away from the thread but I think it was occupy the sh*tter movement then the movement itself,yells clark ,time to clean the sh*tter !:D
  41. Re: Occupy Portland Oregon pic's that i took today

    Mo man has hit the nail on the head and has said it perfectly 99 percent of us its taxation w out representation.Absolutely! Buddy and I talk about this all the time and we both have said the same...
  42. Re: Occupy Portland Oregon pic's that i took today

    They killed em.I was just reading about russia and the czar and how the bolsheviks came to power and made it look like they were helping the people when all it was ,was a mad power grab for power.I...
  43. Re: Occupy Portland Oregon pic's that i took today

    2012 the new face of america communism and homeless for all the 99 peercent-Democracy/capitalism and freedom out.THese dumb aholes should know that if it wasnt for capitalism we'd have or would not...
  44. Re: i think im going to just start putting my money under my mattress

    If people wanted to really screw em good they'd take all there money out of the banks to send a message.banks would really be up ****s creek w out a paddle.But NOOOO the stupid sheeple have the...
  45. Re: Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns

    They should never let people w money especially millionaires run any kind of government.They really dont have a clue!
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