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  • 09-15-2020, 11:26 AM
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    The '97 Airbrush SJ Revival
    Apparently I do not have enough to work on. Let's start with some history. I am a big Yamaha guy, reliability, engineering, looks. In my opinion they are the best, others may differ, but that is just what I like. So I started the stand-up scene last August. I entered the game with my family already owning two Yamaha couches found in my signature below. I knew how awesome they were and they have been taken extremely well care of. SO.... I picked up the 440 and always had my sights set on a SuperJet. Fast forward a year and I have a SurfJet project to start, 750sx, and now the newest addition. Please welcome the "far out" 1997 Yamaha SuperJet.

    Attachment 562380
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    Attachment 562382

    The story goes that this ski was built by a fellow near the south of Lake Martin. The build was intended for racing, with negative trim system on it. From what I have been told it was passed around a few times but remained between Lake Martin and Smith Lake. The previous owner got it from Smith, himself riding on LM and me riding on LM. He says that while riding on the southern portion of the Lake he was stopped by the original owner / builder and told him the story of it. I like my possessions to have a story and I am sure if this thing could talk it would have one to tell.

    Blah blah blah, enough Zac... what are your plans for this thing? I aim to do this ski right. I am not going to blow the whole surprise for you right now, but here's an idea. I am going to start with touching up the chipped spots of the paint. Come back with some clear, or clear nail polish. I have already begun the search process for parts and have some select items on the way. I will be posting my shopping list soon! Because this thing is JUST a hull and turf. It has some pissers, a hood, and thats about it. I have a 62T in storage that needs a quick checkup, and refreshed carbs. Finally, just assemble this beast. The turf might be replaced because I am strongly considering side rail turf. I am not a huge fan of the purple either, so if you have a suggestion I would love to see it below.

    Stay tuned, Zac
  • 09-17-2020, 10:13 AM
    Re: The '97 Airbrush SJ Revival
    Cool will be watching.
  • 09-21-2020, 09:56 PM
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    Re: The '97 Airbrush SJ Revival
    These build threads are really just for my own enjoyment. They really let me get the voices inside my head out onto paper. I do greatly enjoy the thought that other people view these and contribute, yes I know you are out there. Yesterday and today I went out to temporary storage to fiddle a little. There is so much that needs to be done to each ski that its hard to pick somewhere to start. So I am going to focus on the individual ski and keep the build threads separate.

    I do not really like the purple that is on this ski. Yes, it is a part of Yamaha and it will forever be engrained into the DNA of this ski and the 90's. But that doesn't mean I have to like it I don't want to. So I am going to get rid of it. Like I might have mentioned this is MY ski. I am going to keep this girl for myself. That means I will be spending more cash on it than I probably should. So off with the side rails! Off with the front bumper! Off with the purpleness. That means the bilge fitting, and pissers have to go too. What is going to replace all of that Zac? Well, I am so glad that you asked! White white white!! Turfed white side rails all the way around, white turfed tray, silver pissers, and white grips. She is going to be bright and shiny, with all of her pearly whites showing. I am likely going to altogether delete the front bumper as well. The rear corners might be staying to have correct spacing for the sponsons. OH! Did I mention that Far Out came with carbon fiber rear sponsons? Now consider my only other build was a 440. So we are talking low techy techy for my previous experience.

    I had my dad check on the engine, it is out of reach from me in another city, and I was fearful of the result. But fear not! The electronics are still with it. Honestly hunting down an ebox and all of the electronics would not have been fun. Thankfully they are still together and the engine is just as clean as when it was put away. From the pictures, you can see that the XScream waterbox has arrived. It should pair nicely with the Protech pipe (I need carb adjustments) that I just ordered. I want to powder coat or paint the pipe the original Yamaha engine color to match. It will make the pipe look a little more like it belongs in the ski. However, I am getting recommendations to color the pipe white just like the trim. Tell me what you think.

    Other things were observed and noted on the hull, but I am getting tired of typing. They will pop up in the thread later when I correct the errors of previous owners.

    Attachment 562551

    Attachment 562552

    Attachment 562554
    Just ordered

    Attachment 562555
    Needs white paint to cover the fade.

    Attachment 562556

    Attachment 562557

    Attachment 562553
    The setup
  • 09-22-2020, 05:05 AM
    James Somers
    Re: The '97 Airbrush SJ Revival
    You are really cool! I don't have the knowledge and skills to do this kind of thing. Your story is very motivating! I had a desire to further understand the technical component. Perhaps someday I will be able to figure it out and will repair my jet ski myself without going to the service.
  • 10-12-2020, 12:46 PM
    Re: The '97 Airbrush SJ Revival

    Originally Posted by James Somers View Post
    You are really cool! I don't have the knowledge and skills to do this kind of thing. Your story is very motivating! I had a desire to further understand the technical component. Perhaps someday I will be able to figure it out and will repair my jet ski myself without going to the service.

    Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it. You can get there, just start with small things and work your way up!

    On another note I have more updates coming, lots of parts have come in the mail. SJ parts are more expensive than JS parts, and that's a fact.
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