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94 seadoo xp boring

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  • 06-08-2018, 08:03 PM
    Re: 94 seadoo xp boring
    well how much faster could i make the gsx?

    how fast does your gsx go?
  • 06-08-2018, 10:22 PM
    Re: 94 seadoo xp boring
    I’ve never had it under radar or gps. But I reckon between 60-61(ish) with the Swirl prop at 7150 rpm. I go for the bottomend/midrange hit for rough water riding and wave jumping in the surf or just offshore where the swells come in. That’s why I run the Swirl prop. But this prop scrubs off about 1-2 mph on top end and the intake grate creates drag because it hangs below the surface of the hull. But I’m out for arm yanking acceleration and not top end. Otherwise I would use a Super Slim from Skat Trak. I could pull more rpm and speed from drying out the pipe some more. But I’m not interested in doing that. My ski is built for fun and it’s my therapy. Literally! I raced in Region 1 OffShore racing from 1998-2003 and loved every minute of it! Things started getting very expensive when triple cylinder race boats were coming on strong and becoming the norm. That’s when I bowed out and went into hardcore recreational riding. I purchased a ‘90 Kawasaki 550SX a few years back because I love a challenge!

    So I challenge you to step it up and get going on finding “go fast” parts for that GSX and start getting those arms s t r e t c h e d because that’s why you have it in the first place, right?
  • 06-09-2018, 01:10 AM
    Re: 94 seadoo xp boring
    Yeah well i dont no much about skis but give me some advice on what to start with
  • 06-09-2018, 01:42 AM
    Seadoo timebomb
    Re: 94 seadoo xp boring
    The 94 Xp isnt worth the trouble/cost to make faster. But it is a great ski to ride. Should run about 48 mph. Make sure the impeller and wear ring are in good shape. That will make ski feel like a turd if wear ring is hammered. I have seen a bunch of those older skis that the owners had no idea anything was wrong. Big difference afterwards.
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