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  • 05-14-2017, 05:21 PM
    gp1300r injected has sbt motor help
    bought ski from guy this ski at 130hrs had a sbt motor put in at 140 hours had another put in at 170 another, its now at 230 hrs and has issues
    comp test 126 129 120 pto
    took it out and ran at idel did not seem right and no low end but up to speed top end ran great for 6 to 8 min
    went to idle and it died could not restart but would turn over, had spark and fuel psi at fuel pump, had to be towed in, would not restart on trailer, Im thinking ecu issue and or fault throttle body sensors or injectors,
    rechecked comp, 124 126 100 pto,

    next day started right up on charged battery, comp test 124 126 109 to 114 psi pto pto fluctuated up and down

    so will buy a ecu and throttle body to hopefully cure this issue

    my question is can I use any top end pistons on your motor, can I just rebuild the one cylinder and put on fresh rings on other 2 pistins as this motor only has like 70 hours, any advice would be great
  • 05-15-2017, 09:15 AM
    Re: gp1300r injected has sbt motor help
    You can use other pistons in the engine.
    I suspect there is a lean issue and there may be enough damage in each cylinder that you might need 3 pistons.
    If this engine is out of warranty I would pull the cylinder head and examine the pistons and cylinder walls.
    What was the fuel pressure when you measured it?
  • 05-21-2017, 08:37 AM
    2 Attachment(s)
    Re: gp1300r injected has sbt motor help
    took a tester pluged in at fuel outlet turned it over 52psi then slowly dropped to 46psi

    found this rattling in the exhaust its part of the elbow on the inside of water box it was a pain to removeAttachment 524025Attachment 524026
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