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Want a new race ski. What should I get? (2022 season)

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Hi all, just a beginner looking for some information here. So been riding skis all my life. Got my first standup 2 years ago ('92 750sx), raced it a little, took it to world finals in '21, no class for it so I got my *** handed to me, but also learned that maybe the 750 isn't the future. SO now I'm looking into getting a new ski and I just want to know what the right move is. I would love reliability over pretty much anything (I've rebuilt my 750 multiple times, mostly due to mods failing/it being old, I'm not afraid to work on skis, but wrenching doesn't help me get faster around buoys) I just need a ski I can always take out, put it on rails, and not worry about blowing to motor. Along with that though, I want a ski I can race. I plan on racing the Nauti Water WaterX mid America tour (I live in Texas) so what ski should I go for? Right now I'm eyeing either an sxr1500 or sxr 800 (not opposed to a roundnose superjet, but kind of opposed to a new superjet).

I like the SXR1500 because I would race it in the stock class, new ski, very reliable, very fast
SXR800 I would hopefully get it built by a PROFESSIONAL for either lites or mod lites, that would ideally make it reliable, and very fast, popular class

My concern is how big is the stock 1500 class? I know lites and mod lites are very popular classes, but can I be competitive with superjets on an sxr800? Is a lites built sxr 800 reliable? I'm 22 and just looking to actually be competitive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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