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Help! My pwc bogs down and dies after 10min of working perfect.

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So I bought a 95 tigershark monte carlo. Wasn't getting fuel so I rebuilt the carb. Fired right up! Took it too the lake. Got it on the water. Worked like dream and exceeded my expectations. But after about 20 minutes it started bogging down and would die like the carb was getting flooded from fuel. I got it back to shore. Waited about 20min before trying again. Fired up but had to keep bumping the throttle to keep the idle up so it wouldn't bog down and die. But it ripped perfectly at full throttle and was running amazing for about another 10-15minutes before bogging down and dying. This time I had to be towed back in. it would not stay on and keep idle. It seems like it's getting to much fuel maybe? I didn't replace the needle and seat. Could that be drowning the carb? It smokes a lot but it also been sitting for 2yrs And it's a 2 stroke So I figured it's just burning a lot of sh*t out. Could it be something with the exhaust thats bogging it down and killing it? Or can it be something completely different that in not thinking of?Please help. This is my first PWC and I'm a newbie to 2 stroke engines


  1. JonnyX2's Avatar
    Verify that the one way valve on the fuel tank vent is allowing air into the tank. If it is stuck it won't allow air in, and then the carbs pulling fuel create a vacuum in the tank, and the carbs can not overcome it and starve the motor.
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