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Yamaha Gp800R carb

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Hello everyone in need of some help and advice!!
My cuz bought a gp800r back end of last year 2nd hand, when we first took it out it went 'great' for the first part of the night then it quit dead in the water. after testing a few components we found that it went for the brain for some strange reason.We ordered one up got it replaced and went super again no issues, but then another problem arose. When letting go of the throttle it would not return to idle but stick open revving to the max, only way to stop was pull the key out and kill the ski dead. I've had the carb out cleaned it with carb cleaner made sure everything returns freely (which at the start of the process didn't, but the cleaning has helped that bit.) When the carb is on the table you can get the throttle to respond perfectly no issues opens and closes perfectly and the same with the choke, but when put back in the ski again the same issue returns. pull the the throttle and it sticks open wont return to idle. Why is it when its in the ski does this only happen and not on the bench?? I've been told several different reasons for this.
1) your throttle cable is sticking.(replaced it made no difference)

2) you need to take the carb apart and replace seals and gaskets, its an air leak causing it.

3) return spring on throttle is sticking

4)you need to clean the slide in the carbs, or the mechanism on the side of the carb needs cleaned and greased.

I'm at a loose end with it now not knowing what is the best practice to do with it and how to get this problem resolved so when lock-down it over its ready to hit the water with it knowing its not going to give any bother.
I appreciate all help and advice given to help with this and also not looking for smart arse comments on this either.

many thanks
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