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Team Butch X4 hull?

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Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Bill View Post
Not all of the "aftermarket" hulls are carbon fiber.

No, a stock motor in a aftermarket hull will not instanly pick up 9-10 mph. Maybe none at all.

I commissioned about 10 aftermarket hulls to be made myself. We built them for one thing, accelleration through less weight. It had nothing to do with speed. In fact, the fastest X-4's are using oem hulls.

There are aftermarket hulls, possibly Team Butch hulls, that were given to Team Butch by Sea Doo Racing. If it was one of those hulls made by Oddessy, a high performance Sea Doo shop in Canada, The hull is not worth a dime to anyone in the know. In fact, at Dean May's shop, one was out in the storage area where frustrations could be vented by using the sledge hammer to beat on the hull.
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