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1996 MPEM wiring diagram

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Hey guys,

New to the forum here but have been using it as a guest for a year or so now. Great of lots info on here but can't seem to find the answer to my latest problem... So last time I went to use my 800 XP after sitting for a couple weeks, i never made it of the shore. Seem that when ever I pressed the start button and the dahs lights went on, the 5 amp fuse on the MPEM instantly blew... My first thought was a faulty MPEM so i took out the old one since I had another one sitting at home, but now I can't seem to figure out of to wire it back! I know that was obviously a bad idea to take it out and not label anything, but originally it looked like it was fairly straight forward and that each wire was colour coded... But now I can't seem to figure it out, it seems that not all wires colour coded correctly. I happen to find the wire diagram for the 1996 SP, does anyone know if it's the same for the XP??

Also, I have another theory on why the 5 amp fuse could be blown, any change that the dash wires are shorting out considering all the wires near the hood hinges? Is it common for those wires to get pinched over time?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Just to specify, the fuse blows even before the starter gets power so it's not a faulty voltage regulator!


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