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Ď90 650Sx Not Starting

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ISO help. I picked up a Ď90 650sx. It sat in a basement since Ď99. I canít get this thing to fire. It fired once on gas manually sprayed in the cylinder. It tried to fired one other time and was smoking and back firing. The ski hasnít fired since. Here is the list of what I checked or replaced. It has some sort of spark, I donít know if itís good Spark, fuel is there, rebuilt Mikuni 44 SBN, Compression-126psi in both cylinders, Timing is on. Woodruff key intact. Stator ohmed out in spec, New plugs BR8ES gapped .30, New NGK plug boots, I also started flushing the crank case out due to the black liquid that I was finding on the plugs and in the carb. Tried to fire it after the first flush,with no luck. Iím going to flush it again to make sure all the black liquid is out of the crank case. I also swapped in a Friends running 650x2 engine and itís doing the exact same thing my engine is doing. There is combustion, smokes, backfires. I tried to fire his engine with just starting fluid with no success, it barely even had any combustion with that. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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