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Purchasing 1999 seadoo GTX Limited and 2000 Yamaha xl1200

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Can anyone give me some common problems they come across With these two waverunners? Iím buying them off an old man who hasnít used them in 2 years so theyíve been sitting. Engines on the skis donít have a spec of dirt on them, very clean skis. Gas tanks are full but he said he put some kind of additives in the fuel before putting them away. They were also never in salt water since he has owned them. Went and seen them in person and they started right up but he said he didnít not want to run them too long because they were still winterized. Are these skis worth it and is there anything I should do before taking them out on the water?


  1. Argonitight's Avatar
    Iím not sure about the Yamaha, however. I have owned a 99 GTX Limited since, well 99. I can say this much. The engine in this kinda prone to having problems ( so I hear ). I can say mine hasnít had many problems. Obv. Itís 2 stroke carb, and if he hasnít changed the fuel lines from grey, to modern, it couldnít hurt to change those. If it started up fine, the carbs should be fine. Other than thattttt... maybe check the Compression. If itís good, then itís worth taking , modifying. If itís bad. I wouldnít get it unless you wana do a top end rebuild. I did a compression test on mine 2 days ago, and got 145/148. Good readings.

    Again I donít know much on Yamahaís. Just info I know I my GTX. I did have to buy a new Key and the sensor for the key. The wires were jacked up. Easy $40 fix. Your mainly guns run into Carb and fuel flow problems with these skis. Hope some of this helps.
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