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5 Awesome Places To Visit In Oman

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Muscat is the capital of Oman and the natural entrance of the country by air. One day is enough to visit Muscat tours is most emblematic places, although if you have a second day you can probably go deeper. The most interesting neighborhood is Mutrah. Here you will find the souk of Mutrah, the gold souk or the fish market. It is a good place to sit and have a refreshing lemonmint, one of the national drinks. You also have to visit the Old Muscat, the germ of the town and place where you will find the curious Sultan's Palace.

Two places to see in Oman are located a few meters from the road that links the towns of Muscat and Sur. The Sinkhole is the first. It is an enormous hole pierced in the same land that legend attributes to the impact of a meteorite. The point is that the Sinkhole bottom has a clean water, a splendid turquoise color, which gives rise to a beautiful and refreshing place suitable for public bathing.While you bathe in the warm waters of the pool, the little fish come ready to eat the dead skin of your feet and legs. The tickling is pleasant and an excellent natural peeling. Finally, do not forget two of the most beautiful buildings to see during Oman tours : the ostentatious but also harmonious Mosque of the Sultan Qaboos , one of the most luxurious in the world.


Wadi Shab Oman is one of the most popular gorges in the Sultanate. The place is a paradise to which access is limited via the river, so hiking and swimming are involved to reach some sections. It is the top 5 places to see in Oman. Also on the route between Muscat and Sur, we find this channel of a seasonal river, the Wadi Shab, where a series of chained pools are distributed, also of beautiful turquoise color and suitable for bathing, which is one of the most emblematic places in the world. country. They are reached after a trek of one hour, suitable for almost all audiences. The surprise comes at the end of it, because after bathing and having to swim a few meters in the deepest pools you will reach a cave where the blue colors of the seafloor multiply with the light that filters.

Al Hamra is located one of the most fascinating towns of Oman. We refer to Al Hamra, a sleepy and ghostly enclave, made up of dozens of homes built in the Yemeni style, some of them up to three floors or more in height. Uninhabited for some years now, Al Hamra struggles to survive the passage of time, an easy task given the material with which its history was cemented. Part of the town falls to pieces every day that passes and the renovations are urgent in order that this enormous historical heritage is not destined to ruin. However, it is one of the most beautiful places in Oman and it deserves a detour on the road between Bahla and Jebel Shams, to enjoy the enclave before it is lost forever if the relevant authorities do not resolve the matter.

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