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1998 Tiger shark 770 jet pump bearing

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I have a tiger shark 770 and I was driving it down the lake one day and I heard a bad sound coming from the jet pump and had no power so I got it back to the house and took the jet pump apart and the front bearing was destroyed so I put a jet pump rebuild kit on it and put it all back together and I did not now what the torque was for the impeller so I put it on their as tight as I could get it and tried to move it around it had no play in it so I thought it was good I put it back on the ski And took it to the lake and rode it for 15 minutes it was running great and then that noises was back and when I tried to go fast it would sound terrible but when it was idling it had no noise so I took it back home and took it back apart and the back bearing was destroyed but the front was still good but it was out of the jet pump housing and just on the impeller bolt I don't now why that would happen so could anyone help me out please it would be appreciated thanks
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  1. Tigershark109's Avatar
    And could anyone tell me what the torque if for the impeller well if someone has the hole jet ski torque specs that would be great
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