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2012 FX SHO NEWBIE NEEDS HELP - Restrictor Removal / Intake / Breather / BOV

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Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to PWC's & Forum's so please bare with me... Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
I recently purchased a 2012 Yamaha FX SHO (1.8L - Supercharged) which I have been running all summer (NYC/NJ).
I will be performing routine maintenance on my 2012 FX SHO including oil change, air filter, spark plugs, etc. and had a bunch of questions before I dive in.

My goal here is to do things that will benefit the engine. I am not seeking additional power even though I'm not against it.

My questions are:
1) **IMPORTANT QUESTION** Should I remove the Restrictor that is between the Throttle Body and Intake Manifold? I would replace this with the RIVA Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit. I was reading online that this is a common modification but would prefer getting opinions first. Is this harmful or beneficial? Has anyone removed their Restrictor? Would you recommended removing the Restrictor or keeping it in?

2) Instead of replacing the stock air filter, should I install the RIVA Power Air Intake/Filter?

3) Should I install a RIVA Breather Filter for the crankcase hose so that the crankcase hose is no longer connected to the intake (circulating back into the engine)? I was reading online that the crankcase can sometimes give off oil vapors and having a filter attached is better than having the hose connected to the intake. What do you think?

4) Due to all these modifications, I assume there will be some additional power and some excess back-pressure built up in the engine. Should I install a RIVA Blow-Off-Valve (BOV) to release any excess back-pressure? I heard it is very beneficial for supercharged engines. What do you think?

5) If I do all this work, should I tune the ski? How much would tuning a 2012 Yamaha FX SHO generally cost? Has anyone here done it?


Updated 08-27-2017 at 07:45 PM by urs314



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