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Mobile Game Development 2017: What to Expect?

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Mobile games were forever popular amongst the youth. In 2017, innovative graphics, brain games, and many more brilliant ideas have already hit the market. The entire mobile game development in India faces fierce competition. Developers are eager to find new technologies that would give their game a better platform and competitive edge.

Read on to discover what to expect from the industry in 2017.

#1: Virtual Reality is Predictably the Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile game developers in India is focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) to offer an interactive and extraordinary experience to users. Mobile gaming is a 3D environment wherein you can play using electronic devices. VR games come with specialized equipment that can take you to a new 3D world. Devices like helmets, VR headsets, gloves, and masks are used to bring the fantasy world to life.

Until the release of VR headsets, this technology was a distant dream. With VR headsets, gamers can enjoy the realistic gaming experience. There are several reasons why VR devices would be the future of mobile gaming:

  • It is a simple and easily operable technology
  • It is portable and you need not carry bulky equipment, except a headset
  • VR technology and equipments are affordable

#2: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) uses the existing environment to create a ground/field within it. These games are played on tablets, smartphones, and similar portable devices. The key factor in this technology is to create a gaming environment at each level, expand the gaming arena, have diverse real-world environments, and make it more interesting. Indian game developers are taking up AR in a big way and implementing this technology for better and highly impressive experience.

#3: Location-Based Services

Location-Based Services (LBS) technology delivers information about a particular location of the device, including mobile interactive browsers, mobile phones, etc. This is a new technology having a massive impact on businesses. Mobile game developers in India focus on GPS to incorporate LBS into the new games developed. LBS can help with the following:

  • Driving directions
  • People finder and tracking
  • Information directory services
  • Location-based selling
  • Advertizing

#4: Ionic Framework App Development

Ionic is a brilliant open source SDK for HMTL5 frameworks used for app development. It targets hybrid app building. In 2017, the majority of India game development is likely to use this in games. Its finest specifications ensure that it works on all the latest devices.

There are many other technologies that are likely to take 2017 app development by a storm Cloud Computing, Android Instant Apps, Hybrid App Development are just a few examples.

Updated 09-21-2017 at 07:06 AM by gennythomas

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