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WaveBlaster Mould Should I Set the Pump back.

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Quote Originally Posted by sean96wb701 View Post
So I am in the beginning stages of creating a Wave Blaster mould but I would appreciate some advice/opinions.

1. Is it worth setting the pump back? If so are there any build instructions for this process because my blasterís pump is stock and so is the donors.

2. What are the best motor mounts to plan this build around? I have only broken one mount in my years of riding but I have heard horror stories when trying to flip a blaster so if there is a better option I would love to hear it.

3. The goal here is to vac bag this in carbon fiber I have a lot of experience with fiberglass but I hear carbon can be a little fussy so if anyone has any tips/tricks I would love to hear them.

4. Is there anything else I should add to the hull to make it better? I have always loved my stock ski but if it can be improved I am open to ideas.

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