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Westside Power sports can program 2 stroke Seadoo Dess keys for $20 +ship

I just picked up a programmer and spent a few hours building up a couple wire harnesses so now you can send me ANY MPEM; small mpem w/ or w/o grey box, or black panel and I can program a key to it!

I will be able to also give you hours, delivery date, etc.

If you need new keys I sell SBT DESS keys for $55 and program for free.

If you also want multiple MPEMs programmed to the same key(s) that is no problem. First MPEM is $20, each additional is $10. Multiple keys are no charge!

If you are interested shoot me a PM. This is for people who live near stealerships that want to charge an arm and a leg, or people who are no where near a dealer.

  1. R&D pipe setup 787? jetting and routing help

    by , 07-23-2015 at 12:49 AM (Westside Power sports can program 2 stroke Seadoo Dess keys for $20 +ship)
    Quote Originally Posted by 951tuner View Post
    75 piolets, 145 mains, 2.0 n/s, 65 gram springs, Mag HS 1, PTO HS 1 1/4, LS adjusters at 1 1/4 -- that is a good starting point for the screw settings-- the jets were spot on for my 97 GSX back in the day-- the gas may have changed some from when I tuned my ski thou. 160 and 160 in the top 2 fittings and a 120 for the stinger jet. I fed the 160's w/ the 1/4 line that came from the WB regulator-- start with the regulator turned all the way in and tune from there-- relative to water temp you run