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  1. Pickren Community Outreach Program

    Greg Pickren is the owner of several companies in the marine, powersport, and other manufacturing industries . These companies strive to have a positive impact on their surrounding communities. Through donations and community advocacy, the Pickren family companies have created strong partnerships with public schools, non-profit organizations, and local charities.
    Take a look at the website for all the great work the program has done.
  2. Teachers Express Gratitude Towards SBT & SEI

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    SBT & SEI have received over a dozen thank you notes from teachers and students who were recipients of this year's "Back to School" community outreach program. Employees from the two companies received $100 Lakeshore Learning Store gift cards to bring to their children's teachers at the beginning of the school year.

    Teachers responded with appreciation by sending emails, hand-written notes, and thank you cards written by students. ...