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  1. 95 ZXI 750 electrical problem

    hello, i bought a basket case zxi 750 a month back and we got it all together and noticed along the way that a wire that goes from the stator to the electric box was fried. we ran a new wire hoping things would be different but when we were getting ready to hook the battery up, the positive went on but when we touched the negative to the post we had arc. i don't know why it is sparking but something isn't right with the grouping of wires going from the stator to the box, does someone have an idea ...
  2. Looking for a shop manual for a 94 ZXI 750

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ID:	531555Hey whatís up guys, Iím new to the pwc world. A few weeks ago I bought a 94 ZXI 750 on Craigslist with a double trailer for $600. The problem is the ski doesnít run but it was in pieces when I bought it and the guy said it was originally a bad starter solenoid but I bought it knowing there will be more then just that wrong with it. Iím looking for a shop manual that someone may have a file of. Saving myself that money will help out and ...
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