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  1. 1995 Kawasaki sts 750 not running right

    Hi guys my 1995 Kawasaki sts 750 will start right up but when you ride it for 20 or so minutes it goes into a limp mode. I've spent a lot of money at 2 different shops trying to get it fixed but no luck.
    It has new gaskets, fresh carb kit , fresh lines
    Water is coming out of the pisser just fine, the compression is fine as well... please help.... I do believe it's the stator but I need help finding the solution
  2. Kawasaki 750 sts dosent have power after 10 mins !! Help!!

    My Kawasaki sts 750 has been to the shop 5 times and I've paid a lot of money to try and get it fixed but no one can figure it out.

    It will run great for about 10 to 15 minutes then it goes in to limp mode it seems. Ive checked my compression it's good, I've by passed the heat sensor on the pisser, water comes out of the pisser just fine, I've change the plugs , I've rebuilt the carbs , I've put new reeds in it, and a new battery but the battery always loses power if I don't unplug ...