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  1. 750 SP, BP differences, part #'s

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    I bought a 750 for my X2 a few months ago and the donor ski was a 1993 750ss. The motor is completely stock and completely untouched smallpin. It came with the no marking #20 cylinder and the "D" marked head. After checking seals and installing electronics, manifolds, and carb I bench compression tested it and got 165psi cold in both cylinders. Its the best stock/oem freestyle combination you can ask for. If your racing you want a big pin motor.

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  2. how to buy a ski, by me

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    That's excellent, thank you RaiderMagic! Apart from even compression in both cylinders approximately what compression would be acceptable? And what is "vein" damage? Aside from the all the above, are there any special tricks to a visual inspection that would uncover normally unseen things, ie is there a special way to test/see more than usual wear and tear on the parts you describe?
    NP. with stock heads those should all be around 150psi. more so with aftermarket heads, anything
  3. 750 squish,

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    Cast is fine but if you had your head done already then you dont need one.

    To check squist the down N dirty way. Go buy some solder , a few different thicknesses , start with a solder with a thickness of about 50 thou , cut a couple short lengths (slightly less than the width of your piston), pull the head off , use a dab of greese to hold/stick the solder to the piston top ( one per piston) , make sure the solder runs the same direction as the wrist pin , this will give you both sides
  4. x2 650 to 750 electronics

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    Wiring a 650 switch to a 750 motor

    I'm using the stock 650 start stop switch and as best as I can tell I just need to attach

    650 Stop>>>>>>>750 Stop

    650 Start>>>>>>>750 Start
    Orange---------------Yellow Red
    White-----------------Red Purple

    I'm going to keep the magneto connected of course and the Starter
    But deleting the
  5. MSD to X2 ignition

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    I'm sure you've seen this but I'll post anyway.

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