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  1. jlee's Avatar
    Paul thank you for this, I know Brad appreicates the words as does the rest of the family.
    Its always nice to hear about the memories everyone has of Ed, because everyone at those races has at least a few puts a smile on our faces and or a tear to the eye reading these!
    That truly is an Ed Bohat statement thats for sure!!
  2. fox river pwc's Avatar
    Very true, Nick. I've only known Ed since I started racing in 2006, but I do have one funny memory of him that has always stood out for me. Now, to really enjoy this memory, you have to imagine Ed speaking to me in his famously coarse voice. We were at a race in Kenosha in 2010, and it was right after a moto where I had involuntarily spun out and fell off my Blaster upon entering the sharp left-hand turn at the end of the front straight (for all to clearly see). It wasn't my proudest racing moment, to say the least, and Ed came up to me right after the moto and said - "Paul, I don't know what the f*ck you were doing there, and I don't even think YOU knew what the f*ck you were doing, but the best part was that you held that sucker pinned the whole time!" I can still picture Ed saying that to me, with a big grin on his face, like it was yesterday - and it still makes me smile today like it did the day he said it...
  3. Minnetonka4me's Avatar
    RIP Ed...a true lover of the sport.
  4. fox river pwc's Avatar
    One other interesting tidbit I heard the other day - haven't researched it to confirm it yet, though...

    For those of us in the heartland of the country who were/are puzzled by the results of the election - as it seemed to many that Romney would have done much better (or won)...well, obama won the popular vote by roughly 2 million votes, right? If you take 5 of the largerst metropolitan areas of the country (LA, NYC, Chicago, Boston, Detroit) and look at the votes, obama got roughly 1 million more votes than Romney in each of those areas (for a difference of roughly 5 million). So, if you take those 5 metro areas out and look at the rest of the country, Romney actually did a few million better than obama. Yeah, this probably doesn't take any of the sting out of the whole deal, but hopefully now you and your neighbors can understand why the election was a bit of a shock.

    Oh yeah, side note, anybody look into voter turnouts in the inner city areas of the battleground states? Pretty interesting to see multiple voting wards with 95-100% turnout, especially when less than half of the eligible voters in the country bothered to cast their ballots. It will sure be interesting to see what happens, as more voter ID laws are passed, with regards to those inner city turnout rates - right ???
  5. fox river pwc's Avatar
    I haven't spent a dime on a typical hollywood movie in over a decade. Why would I give money to people who talk down to me and then produce absolute crap? Hell, I wouldn't go to a movie if it was free and they sent a limo to pick me up. I did buy the DVD of "An American Carol" .
  6. Super 1's Avatar
    We are boycotting everything that is owned or ran by liberals when possible ...this includes Hollywood ...any major city or business that has supported Obama