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  1. Kawasaki 2000 Ultr 150 starting issues

    Any suggestions - Completely rebuilt motor - battery is brand new and fully charged before use. I first start it on land, will start in water. But when I turn it off while it's in the water for a couple of hours I cannot restart it. I love the way the ski handles but I don't like worrying whether it'll start or not. Been towed in every time I take it out and my fiancÚ named my ski the red turd.
  2. 2004 polaris msx 150 wont rev past 3400 rpm

    So I have 2 pairs of 2004 polaris msx 150.

    One runs like a champ but the other one is in limp mode. When you first start it up it'll rev up to 5-6k rpm with power then shuts right back down to 3400rpm and lower.

    I swap out parts back and forth between my good one. Yet it still runs on limp mode.

    I even notice that it's running on 1 cylinder when I pull out the injector and coil plug just to see if both cylinder is good.

    I did a compression ...
  3. 2 Sea Doo's were stolen

    If any one could help I have been affected by a very disappointing situation. My 2 Sea Doos have been stolen. The thiefs broke the gates on the building I live in and took these 2 machines. Any one could spot them I would really appreciate your help notifying the police. Orlando are Fairview Lake.

    2015 Seadoo Wake 155, 11'1" long YDV29158D515

    2015 Seadoo Wake 215 11'7" long YDV08594A515

    Best regards
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  4. What is the toque specs on a Kawasaki 1200 stxr head bolts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbo-T View Post
    What is the torque specs on a 2003 Kawasaki 1200 stxr head?
  5. 98 polaris 1050 triple

    Hi I'm New to this but what I have is a 98 polaris 1050 triple that I can't get running I have put a new stator and New cdi box in it I have spark but it won't run anyone have any idea where to go from here please help
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