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  1. 1996 1100ZXI hole in muffler replaced now will not idle and no power

    Quote Originally Posted by OMNI View Post
    1996 xxi 1100 will not idle good and lost power it runs but not over 40mph.
    Any advice on possible problems ? Hitting walls here.

  2. Stator taking a dump?

    Quote Originally Posted by breezecataldo View Post
    I have a 650sx that i really love. In the morning, first run of the day, it runs like normal. For about 3-4 minutes then it loses all power and will barely run! What the heck.?? Do i have a failing coil?? Stator?? I cant afford to throw new parts until i find the problem. Please help!
  3. Help with carbs and throttle brackets

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetskict View Post
    I bought a 650sx with a dual carb setup I believe they are super BN 38. My throttle bracket broke. Does anyone know where i can get a bracket like this out something else that will work with my set up? Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160630_210240.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160630_175508.jpg 
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ID:	504761Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160630_203250.jpg 
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  4. TRITON TRAILERS buyer beware!!!

    After paying the price and thinking I was getting a good trailer I found out differently. On my first outing the spindles both bent in different directions. I contacted the dealer and was told it was my problem and not a warranty issue. I reached out to the company and they will not respond to my communications. I wound up purchasing a stronger axle and bolting it to my trailer. The trailer store axle expert said this was an unusual damage to the axle and he has not seen axle do what this did. ...
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  5. 1997 Wave Venture 1100 oil lines to pump

    How do i get to the oil pump to re-connect the oil lines? I believe I caught it in time, the lines came off oil pump, what do I have to takeoff to get to them?

    Thank you
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