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  1. Best Sponsons for a 89 JS550

    Hey new to jet skiing and I was hoping I could get some insight on sponson for a js550. Also wondering some cheap performance upgrades.
  2. rotax 717 wont start

    I just put in a rebuilt rotax 717 engine, hooked all up and fired right up. I put in the water and ran like a champ up and down the pond several times then the engine stopped and wont restart. it sounds like it wants to start and actually did for a little but runs rough and stalls. I pulled the engine and reset the flywheel as I thought it may have jumped the key. put it all together and nothing different. 150psi in each cylinder there seems to be strong spark as we checked each ...
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  3. 2012 Yamaha VX1100 and Getting an alarm for high voltage, 14.5V

    Can anyone shed some advise about this? I replaced the rectifier since the dealer said start there and no difference. Had the battery checked, 1.5 years old and getting 12.6 volts.I checked the red and black wires before they plug into the rectifier and getting the same 12.6V. On the screen, I'll get 14.3-14.5 and it will sound an alarm. All I get is a code 01 which is normal. I noticed a code 55 recently, which is steering, just before it turned off, but the steering feels normal. Any suggestions ...
  4. 03 gtx 4 tec ride plate

    03 seadoo gtx 4 tec super charged..... okay so its old i know but any way to find the fittings for this thing? or any way to find out if the 04 (wich i beleve was different) fits my ski?? cracked it last year apparently and honeymoon is in 2 days.....
    going to try and take this thing apart tomorrow so any advice is nice.

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  5. 2004 4 tech sportster gauges flash...wont stay running!!!

    I have a 2004 155 four stroke sporster seadoo boat that when i install dess key i get no beeps and the gauges flash... when attemplting to start it ... It will start and then stop immediately. Things done replaced cam sensor pressure sensor. ecu on engine (yes i used dess key from swapped ecu) replaced tps sensor and had it reset. seems to random spark... but not sure.. I have plugged into buds. get code p0600 says communication error. I have tried everything but MPEM and wiring harness.. ...
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