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  1. 550 cranks over slow when hot

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I have used it many times before and I love it. So the problem I'm having with my 550 is that it will crank over slow after I have ridden the ski for a while. I have a new battery in it and I even put a starter from a 440 I have. I read the other post about the cables being bad I checked they are fine, even checked the solenoid it is fine also. like I said it has a new gel battery. It doesn't quite make sense to me because it only cranks over slow after the engine has ...
  2. 2003 seadoo gti

    I have an 03 seadoo gti that starts great and runs good at idle. however when I go past half to full throttle it back fires through carb. I have put new carb kit in, changes plugs three times and check gap on plugs. they are getting spark. Any ideas. The only thing I have not replaced was the auxilary pump on carb. The kit did not include anything to rebuild. I have also replaced fuel lines. Any help would be appreciated before I go postal on this seadoo.
  3. js550 parts for sale

    hi im new to pwc today, and i have some after market parts for a js550 i want to sell. west coast intake grate and ride plate, pump whith stainless impellor and after market nozzle. quick steer brand quick steer bars and plate and base plate. extended exaust tube so it drags in water. an a few other thing call me for more info 4078569160
  4. tigershark 770 pulse help needed

    Hi, I am restoring a tigersharks 770 daytona, it was already in part when I sstart so the hose wasnt identified I wonder if someone tell me which hose go in the pulse input on the fuel pump, and where the vacumm from the bottom of the intake goes as well

    Thanks for your help .
  5. fx1 , reed removal.

    Hey you guys , I need to remove the reeds from my bog standard fx1. Can this be done with the engine still in the ski... ?