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  1. Yamaha 2010 VX cruiser issue

    Alarm going off, water is coming out piss hole in rear as normal
    Engine is restricted as I guess designed to.
    Cannot find any clogs.
    Maybe sensors ?
    Where and how to check ?
  2. Jet Ski Polaris Freedom 700 2004 No Spark

    Hi everyone
    1 years ago I bought a Freedom 700 that did not light because there is no spark and I bought his new coil and his new CDI, once the CDI was installed I got a spark and managed to light but it did not stay on, the next day I want to turn it on and I give it realize that the ignition solenoid was broken so I bought a normal motorcycle and installed it and ready there was already a march but now there is no spark and the battery was discharged so I passed a vehicle's current to the ...
  3. Xl700 carb mount

    I have an xL700 and i want to know if the carby mount/bracket sits between flame arrestor and the carby bolts on to the block.
    Can it be removed? Its all out of wack and im sure it leaks fuel from there as well.
  4. SXR 800 cooling diagram

    Hi all I am new on here I have a 2003 SXR that I got already taken apart can any one help with the cooling set up. The pump has two hose tails but manifold only has one inlet it also has some sort of sensor for over heating I have not been able to find a diagram online
  5. Sxr 800 cylinder on 750 bottom end

    Iím looking to put a sxr 800 cylinder on my 2000 sxi pro. Has anyone done this? If so whatís the best aftermarket mods to get low end power with this set up. Iím also looking for a cylinder, factory pipe and any aftermarket mods for this build.
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