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  1. Waveblaster 1 pump rebuild bearings and seals

    Hi all.

    Just had to rebuild the pump on my daughter's B1 and thought I'd share the details of bearings and seals in case anyone else was interested. These are for the 144 pump.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Blaster pump seal 3.jpg 
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ID:	562167Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Blaster pump seal 1.jpg 
Views:	104 
Size:	1.04 MB 
ID:	562168Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Blaster pump brgs.jpg 
Views:	102 
Size:	1.04 MB 
ID:	562169Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Blaster pump seals.jpg 
Views:	99 
Size:	2.53 MB 
ID:	562170Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Blaster pump seal 2.jpg 
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Size:	565.1 KB 
ID:	562171
  2. 2012 Yamaha VX1100 and Getting an alarm for high voltage, 14.5V

    Can anyone shed some advise about this? I replaced the rectifier since the dealer said start there and no difference. Had the battery checked, 1.5 years old and getting 12.6 volts.I checked the red and black wires before they plug into the rectifier and getting the same 12.6V. On the screen, I'll get 14.3-14.5 and it will sound an alarm. All I get is a code 01 which is normal. I noticed a code 55 recently, which is steering, just before it turned off, but the steering feels normal. Any suggestions ...
  3. Purchasing 1999 seadoo GTX Limited and 2000 Yamaha xl1200

    Can anyone give me some common problems they come across With these two waverunners? Iím buying them off an old man who hasnít used them in 2 years so theyíve been sitting. Engines on the skis donít have a spec of dirt on them, very clean skis. Gas tanks are full but he said he put some kind of additives in the fuel before putting them away. They were also never in salt water since he has owned them. Went and seen them in person and they started right up but he said he didnít not want to run them ...
  4. 2000 Yamaha waverunner 800xl cutting off

    Hey everyone, Iím new to this but have enjoyed reading a lot of the posts on here, now Time for one of my own hopefully yíall can help me out. Ok I bought a 2000 Yamaha waverunner 800xl Saturday morning itís a one owner ski they purchased it brand new only been in fresh water one small lake, Itís been sitting for a few years so (of course not running) they knew low hrs just wasnít sure (63.2)hours... I told the guy if I could get it running at his house Iíd buy it as it seemed a good deal to me. ...
  5. Waveblaster 2 Green Color Code

    Hi All,

    Just trying to repaint a hydroturf hood I got for my Waveblaster 2. It is the green model so I was wondering if anyone would know the color code for it?

    Best regards
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