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  1. Help! My pwc bogs down and dies after 10min of working perfect.

    So I bought a 95 tigershark monte carlo. Wasn't getting fuel so I rebuilt the carb. Fired right up! Took it too the lake. Got it on the water. Worked like dream and exceeded my expectations. But after about 20 minutes it started bogging down and would die like the carb was getting flooded from fuel. I got it back to shore. Waited about 20min before trying again. Fired up but had to keep bumping the throttle to keep the idle up so it wouldn't bog down and die. But it ripped perfectly at full throttle ...
  2. Difference between stock & high compression head?

    Hi everyone, I have been playing around with stand js440 & 550ís for a little bit now but never really got in to performance parts till now. Can anyone help me out on how to identify high compression heads? Do I have to measure them or is there a way to tell if itís a high compression head just by looking. Thanks in advance.
  3. CDK II not working

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    Hi everybody

    I have a huge problem with the carb on my 650sx, it is a 42mm Keihin CDK II. Ever since I installed a primer kit it has not been the same as it was before. Whenever I start it up, it always runs out of gas, unless I keep pumping the primer. If I pump the primer continuously, it will run forever, until the gas in the carb gets used up then it just dies. This never happened before the primer was fitted. I put in a rebuild kit at the same time I installed the primer, and
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  4. 1995 Kawasaki 900zxi carb tuning.

    Anybody got tips on how to tune carbs on a kawasaki 900zxi 1995 model
  5. Looking for tigershark parts

    I'm iso a oil pump for my 95 tigershark monte carlo.
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