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  1. jet ski 400

    I'm trying to put a 440 motor in my 400 jet ski and everything crosses over except the engine coupler on the 440 motor will not match up with the coupler
    from the drive line on the 400..Now I cannot remove the drive shaft coupler on the 400 so I need to replace the 440 motor they make a coupler that will fix my problem?
  2. Tips for those winterizing soon (yamaha)

    Quote Originally Posted by bulldogs101 View Post
    Thanksfully its not me for a fe more months. But its always posted for info, so here goes.

    How To Winterize/Summerize a Yamaha FX/VX 4 stroke Model Waverunner.
    Applies to YAMAHA...

    1- Go to the gas station and fill your ski up with fresh gas, making sure you are at least above 3/4 full, (want to avoid condensation in tank this way). Now add a fuel stabilizer, I suggest the Yamaha brand, add it at gas station, now drive home, this will help "slosh it"
  3. Tips for those winterizing soon (yamaha)

    Quote Originally Posted by volltrex View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ErieOne View Post
    Also, I always thought you open up the throttle and spray the fogging oil into the four intakes. Is that not the case?
    On the FX...... spray fogging oil into each intake for 3 secs with the motor off.....replace air box lid, then start motor & idle for 10-15 secs.
    Out of interest... if I know I wont be going out for a week or more, I'll fog the motor in this way..........have never had an issue with fouled plugs.....they get changed as a precaution at around
  4. 750sx pre ignition problems

    this was the 3rd year this happened, my front piston looks like it was hit with a shot gun, back piston looks like a sand blaster just grazed it on the exhaust side, this is after a fresh rebuild , the motor lasted about 4 hrs, the cylinder walls were still wet with fuel , im running a 46mm carb 1993 kaw 750sx , anyone experience these issues ?
  5. Tặng cupont khóa học Quảng cáo Facebook chuyên nghiệp từ cơ bản đế

    Mạng xã hội Facebook
    Số người dùng tại Việt Nam đã lên tới 58 triệu người, đứng thứ 7 trên thế giới. l*ng nh*ng một tuần, mỗi người bỏ ra gần 25 giờ để lên mạng, tức hơn 3 giờ mỗi ng*y.
    Facebook rất quan yếu đối với hoạt động kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp cá nhân kinh dinh nhỏ. Tuy nhiên, theo vắng của Bizweb năm 2017, tại Việt Nam có đến 40% shop online không tăng trưởng doanh thu ...
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