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  1. Wanted dual 44 manifold set up a 550 sx

    As the title says i need a manifold..Anyone have one for sale ?
  2. Dual Westcoast Red E Made 38 Mikunis Carbs Wanted

    Does anyone have a set of these they want to sell? BN or SBN
  3. Looking for a dual 44 manifold

    Quote Originally Posted by Screwyscotty View Post
    Anyone have a dual 44mm manifold for sale ?..Screwyscotty
  4. Mrd pump wanted

    Im looking for a F.I. MRD pump ????..Thanxs
  5. 04 waverunner fx 140 error code 63

    Hi , this is the problem,I was riding my fx for about 20 minutes with no problems at all then check engine came on I press de buttons and it shows me the number 63 which is air intake system malfunction ,

    No oil over filled (oil between low and full lines when warm)
    No intake air hoses disconnected
    New spark plugs
    Brand new battery
    No oil inside air Box

    If i turn off the jetski for one minutes it starts fine no bad engine noises ...