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  1. WaveBlaster Mould Should I Set the Pump back.

    Quote Originally Posted by sean96wb701 View Post
    So I am in the beginning stages of creating a Wave Blaster mould but I would appreciate some advice/opinions.

    1. Is it worth setting the pump back? If so are there any build instructions for this process because my blasterís pump is stock and so is the donors.

    2. What are the best motor mounts to plan this build around? I have only broken one mount in my years of riding but I have heard horror stories when trying to flip a blaster so if there is a better option I would
  2. 96 sl 700 Polaris

    Ok I have got new fuel fitters and took it out on water it ran fine
    At first then went a slow speed then I took plug wire off then put back on ran smooth again then ruff I found out plug where for 3 c not 2 c so I got the new plugs but have not take. It out again do I need the CID update I need help or could it of just been plugs . All hosed where cleaned out .
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  3. 1996 polaris sl 700

    i took my ski out this weekend it has a new batt and plugs it ran fine at first on water then i full gas it just started going at a med slow speed but when i first give it gas then it trys to go then does same thing again please help as of now im replaceing the 6 " hose by water box now what can i do .
  4. For dropping a 650 into a 550 hull..

    Quote Originally Posted by jgkawasaki View Post
    So i have an 87 js550 with a motor that may be shot but am still in the process of figuring that out. I do also have a complete pretty much stocker 87 650sx as well.
    Besides the conversion plate, is there any other parts that i would need to make the conversion happen?
  5. 650sx in js440

    My 650sx in js440 wont rev out seems like fuel but smokes blue at high rpm also