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  1. ISO parts

    I'm looking to find some parts for my js550. I'm searching for a bad bones resonator, or a jet craft engineering resonator, or the pjs works exhaust. Let's see what's out there
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  2. Help with 96 WR3 impeller shaft seal/bushing

    Quote Originally Posted by WFO Speedracer View Post
    There are two seals in the pump shoe if that is what you are referring to, they are both the same the part number is 93102-18m35-00 if I remember right you take out the bolt on the side of the pump, that is what holds the aluminum spacer piece in, then you have to drive the bearings out from the other end which is not easy because there is s rubber spacer in there, you really need a blind bearing puller to get them out.

    Thanks Speed, that helped a ton!!
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  3. NEED HELP!!!!! swapped a 650sx with a 750!

    I had adquired a 1988(i believe) 650sx that my cousin had recently repainted and some things fixed on and then blew it up. So after doing a bunch of research, my buddy blew a hole in the hull of his sit down so i bought it, pulled the 750 with eletronics, dropped in the 650 hull and was ready to rip......well $1500 at a shop because i couldn't get the thing to run right (it ran perfect before swapping) figured it was fine tuning the carb and it still DOESN'T run right.

    They supposedly ...
  4. 97 SD GSX 787 Top End Rebuild help needed!

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I have a SD GSX 787 that I am rebuilding the top end on due to a cracked jug in the outside of the water jacket. I figured F&&k it Iím here so letís do it! I have noticed that my pistons and rings are different between my PTO and Mag cylinders as well as the rings. The front cylinder (PTO I believe) has standard rings and piston. The rear (Mag) the top ring appears to be stepped and the rings I bought both came with a stepped ring. Is this setup supposed ...
  5. Help with 2010 Yamaha vs cruiser

    Quote Originally Posted by lumberski View Post
    Horn is coming on after engines runs a while
    Water coming out of rear spout,seems strong.
    Heard it could be sensors ?
    How to check, how to fix?
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