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  1. 1995 Yamaha Waverunner VXR battery not charging and bad engine misfire

    I have a 1995 Yamaha vxr 650 that I was having trouble with the battery not charging and the engine misfiring. I feel like they could be related. I have installed NEW, stator, rectifier, cdi, coil, and spark plugs. Anyone have any idea why the battery is still not charging. Iím beginning to thing it could be the flywheel. Maybe a weak magnet on the flywheel?? Someone please help me. Iím tired of throwing parts at this thing
  2. Latest UX/UI Mobile App Design Trends for Amazing App Development

    Mobile app designs play a very important role in making a great, functional mobile app interface. If you are looking for making an app then keep in mind the fact that it is the design and interface that attract the audience and convince them to use your app again and again.

    Following are the factors for better UX/UX:

    Loading time: Speed of the mobile is the first impression for users. Indian app developers make a faster app so that users ...
  3. 5 Awesome Places To Visit In Oman

    Muscat is the capital of Oman and the natural entrance of the country by air. One day is enough to visit Muscat tours is most emblematic places, although if you have a second day you can probably go deeper. The most interesting neighborhood is Mutrah. Here you will find the souk of Mutrah, the gold souk or the fish market. It is a good place to sit and have a refreshing lemonmint, one of the national drinks. You also have to visit the Old Muscat, the germ of the town and place where ...

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  4. 2004 fix 140 H.O. spark plug end smashed

    Hello friends,
    My FX 140 stopped running out on the water and wouldnít turn over. I thought the motor might be seized so I pulled the spark plugs and one of the plugs is completely destroyed on the end. Any thoughts as to why this might of happened and what I should do about it at this point?

    thanks for you help
  5. Hx720 questions

    Hello I have recently buy a hx 720 1996 this is my second pwc I have sold my underpowered waveraider700 equipped with a 650 engine.... I want to change my handlebar and I want to know if it need to be mid or high (atv style) also did someone try an solas impeller on a stock 720 engine ??? My name is jp I speak french Canada quebec
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