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  1. Bilge

    Kawasaki STX 1100 DI 2000
    I have twin jet skis. While winterizing them I noticed one was leaking anti freeze inside the front of the jet skis.
    The other had no such issue. No antifreeze into bilge.
    Im asking is it normal for fluids to pour in the bilge or not,, which ski has a problem the one leaking or the one not leaking??? Many thanks for any help on this matter
  2. WTB: Coffman sizzler

    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    Looking to buy a decent protec black Exhaust for a superjet. Must be complete, or a Coffman sizzler exhaust. Cash in hand !! $$
  3. Kawasaki STX 15f meter assy problems!

    I've read a lot of threads the last couple months and see that this is a common problem with these skis.

    Does anyone have a properly functional meter assy laying around? Lol kind of stupid but it's worth a shot.

    theyre not cheap and I haven't seen too many '05 kawis getting around, so maybe there's some on land with a dry assy!

    first blog ever. so much knowledge and info on here it's unreal.
  4. wanted flat deck ski in daytona fl

    not looking for a project ski. thx
  5. TBM Carve plate (four triangle hole version) and TBM Scoop grate

    I own and 2010 sxr800, and am planning to order/install the TBM ride plate, and scoop grate. Has anyone reading this installed these on your sxr? What was result? The good? The bad (If any)

    Thank you
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