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  1. 1995 Kawasaki sts 750 not running right

    Hi guys my 1995 Kawasaki sts 750 will start right up but when you ride it for 20 or so minutes it goes into a limp mode. I've spent a lot of money at 2 different shops trying to get it fixed but no luck.
    It has new gaskets, fresh carb kit , fresh lines
    Water is coming out of the pisser just fine, the compression is fine as well... please help.... I do believe it's the stator but I need help finding the solution
  2. Benefits of an Android App for a Business

    Android is a leading smartphone operating system with over 2.1 billion active users across the globe. Being an open source and user-friendly platform, it has become the first choice for many users. Statistics suggest that 90% of the smartphones are running on Android. With such a large number of Android users, it has become really easy for a business to reach its targeted audience. Any business, be it small or large, can easily extend its market presence with the help of an Android application. ...
  3. Rxt x 260as

    I am rebuilding the motor on my 2011 RXT X 260 AS after the timing chain broke on 17 hours. Ski was standing for a long time.

    Does anybody have the engine specs for me. Like the torque settings and clearances.


  4. 650sx matt and handelbar replacement.

    I have a a 650sx with a 44 carb and a lot of other upgrades when i bought it. I want a new matt the old one is torn and the handlebars are annoying I rode my friends with strait bars and they were nice. How should i change the matt i want to use a hydro turf or the stuff sold on blowsion? For the handle bars what do i need i think i need the bars and then just a finger throttel but i am not sure new to this ski? Thanks
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  5. Wtb 750sx exhaust chamber

    Quote Originally Posted by boomboom View Post
    I am looking for a 750SX PJS/R&D/COFFMAN EXHAUST CHAMBER
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