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  1. 2006 fxho code 18 tps issue

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    I bought a used 2006 fx ho and I am unable to get rid of this code 18. Unable to accelerate on water. New to jet skis any help would be great!
  2. Stock ECU Re-Flash

    I have 2014 Yamaha FZS it's been on my mind lately to re flash the watercraft . I have concerns that I need help with ? Does it reduce the life of the jetski when you reflash it I'm a normal working man I cant afford to be replacing motors. Last question will a blow off valve help pro long the life of my clutch to the supercharger?

    Thanks everyone !!
  3. 650 sx triple 900 adaptation

    Deve adicionar - A caixa de água stock 650SX será muito restritiva para o motor 900. [QUOTE = hyosung; 4398386] [QUOTE = joig zigler; 4398366] Você terá que modificá-lo a respirar melhor, ou chegar a uma caixa diferente. [/ QUOTE]

    "" "LMFAO PRESSÃO BACK" "você é um idiota e que prova que você sabe fvck tudo, use o Google e você vai achar que 2 Não há necessidade de voltar a pressão ,,,, !, que disse, a caixa de água pára de volta fluxo como você abrandar (e ...
  4. 91 550 sx oil out exhast Help!!! wont run!!!

    Have been work on this ski for a few months now replaced all top end gaskets, checked compression, rebuilt carb, and rebuilt ebox so basically the whole 9 yards has been done to this thing and everything checks out. But after all that the ski still wont start!! it has a primer not a choke so when priming it a couple times getting fuel into the carb it will start and run for about 5 seconds and then die out... then after doing this over and over throughout a couple weekends a black oil like stuff ...
  5. 1976 400

    Does anyone know how many 1976 400 were made?

    thanks Magic
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