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  1. New jet pilot lg side entry vest

    Quote Originally Posted by Lowflyin View Post
    Your posts scream scammer imo.. 20 day old acct too..

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  2. place to post any random pics lets see what you can come up with

    Summertime fun is gone, long wait until next year!

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  3. 96 Kawasaki 750 sxi head cracked while installing

    I am finishing a engine rebuild on a 96 sxi. The ski was never apart prior to me dis-assembling it. I replaced crank seals and end bearings on crank. I also bored it over .5 and installed new pro x pistons, rings and top rod bearings. I torqued the head to 22 ft lbs, on the number 1 and 2 nuts I heard a loud pop. I pulled the head back off and it cracked in two spots. Has this happened to anyone?
    I am now looking for a new head. Mine is stamped with C. I found one thats stamped D. I ...
  4. Kawasaki communication cable 57001-1460

    Hey there legends. Am i able to hook up the communication cable straight from my ski to my computer/laptop. Or do i need the scanner tool linked inbetween. Any advice would be so cool. Cheers.
  5. 2001 kawasaki STX 1100 D.I cuts out randomly

    Hey 1st comment or post ever on this site. Hopefully someone can solve my issue cause i've read alot of similar posts with the same symptons but have never seen someone find the solution...

    So my ski will start up straight away and run pretty sweet for about 5-10 minutes then it just instantly cuts out... It won't start again all afternoon and the whole systems tripped out no spark fuel pump or injection but the next day it will start up and run well for another 5-10 minutes and ...
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