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  1. 2002 Fx140 Oil Pressure

    Quote Originally Posted by grecoalamr View Post
    Ok pro's! I need some extra heads put together on an issue. I just finished a fx140 rebuild. (6th rebuild I have done on this particular ski). While answering this post please keep in mind; I understand the significance of the crankshaft bearings/journals on oil pressure. Let us pretend I didn't have my eyes crossed when reading the Plastigage. This question is directed to the oil pumps. When this ski cycles oil with the dry sump, Oil is pumped back to the reservoir but does not leave the reservoir
  2. Sea Doo 951 Coffman Pipe

    Hi all.

    I'm looking for a 951 Coffman Pipe.
    I have a GSX Limited. If somebody have one, please tell me!

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  3. Graphic Designs Designing Your Vision for Web Interfaces

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  4. FX HO NEW - Debris in hull

    Quote Originally Posted by Division 8 PWC Offshore View Post
    Just bought new ski and discovered debris in the hull consisting of what appears to be Brass and Fiberglass shavings.
    I returned to Dealer and 10 days later no response other than "we don't know where it came from"
    Any suggestions?Click image for larger version. 

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  5. want a shuttle craft!!!

    any one know of a shuttle craft for sale in AZ or in a surrounding state?