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  1. 06 yamaha FXHO overheating ...

    Hello all..
    I need some help with my ski. I have an 06 fxho yamaha with only 50 hours on unit that seems to be overheating after 30min on the water at idle after coming down from some speed passes. I take the ski out and run on the hose and it never overheats. All of the water passages seem to be clear as I've smoke tested and vac tested. I have a good stream of water coming out of the port side piss hole when on the hose. I recently noticed the jet housings are separated a little and ...
  2. Oldie....650sx w/stuck cylynders....HELP!!

    I have a 89 650sx that I'm redoing and I can't get the cylinders off!! I've let them soak, tried a little smacking on the sides, heat, and now I just made a jig that has a 1/2 plate bolted to the cylinders and 2 6 ton jacks (1 on each side) that sit on the mounting plate, that's only starting to bend (with heat!)
    Anyone got any suggestions?

    Thanks ahead of time........
  3. 1100 95 wave raider won't carry a load and flaming into carb throat, idle is good

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilmac View Post
    Hi please help, I purchased a 95 1100 wave raider as a project for my 15 yr old, sounded good on trailer, but once in water wouldn't go over idle. I rebuilt carbs and new fuel filter and fuel pump seems good, good pulse to fuel pump, new plugs, new Boysen dual stage reeds, 3 piston skirts on reed side look good. Compression 120 on all. Checked timing at 15btdc, good, Suppose to be A RA1100T but not sure if it's a 95 engine or had been changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated? I give it
  4. 87 440?

    Howdy, I was just wondering what would be the compression on a 440 with a milled of .100? And how much can you mill a 87 650sx head?

  5. JETMATE owners thread ...

    Quote Originally Posted by oldx2 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ang4th View Post
    run it .. and it will run .. question is for how long ...but top ends are cheap and rebuildable 650 cranks aretoo so go ahead ..

    as for a different pipe ..not sure if it would be worth it ,, and very hard to make it fit ..didnttry so realy couldnt say .. i think the impeller upgrade like sfl invested in would be better worth your while .. a hopped up engine is not going to do much without a proper impeler.. i have lots of power .. but not out of the hole .. i get cav with more than
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