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HELP!!!! Manual trim on a 96 XP / drop nozzle

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I used to manufacture a cable operated trim system and I sold 400 of them in 1996 and 1997 to owners of X-4 hulls or people who wanted to adapt them to their Yamaha 1100 and 1200 hulls.

In fact Dan Fitzgerald was using one of my trim kits on his Yamaha GP1100 in the 1200 mod class at the World Finals when he won the overall Pro 1200 class trophy. I think that was October of '96.

If my kit was on the Sea Doo you bought, it had a clutch lever on the handlebars, a cable, two black nylon pivot blocks, a 1/2 inch dia. pivot rod with two bell cranks welded to it, two trim plate to bell crank linkage rods with LH and RH hiem joints on them, the actual outboard trim plates ( some call them cavatation plates ) with a groove on the side of the plate that goes under back edge of the hull and interconnects with the aluminum strips and the under hull trim tabs with the grooves in them.
There is a left hand and a right hand set of trim tabs with a LH and RH set of plates and grooved hinge plates that mount into the hull using the 3 oem trim tab screw holes to replace the oem trim tabs. The grooves on the plates and the aluminum strips act as the hinges, while holding the outboard trim plates in place as they are sandwhiced between the two pieces that mount up under the hull with the grooves in them.

The total amount of up and down movement of the outboard trim plates is less than a 1/2 ", but that is enough to plant the bow down into the water at any speed. Because it is cable operated using a clutch handle, it can be feathered to suit the hull attitude that you desire. It is not an all one way or the other system. You can preset the trim tabs if you desire to raise or lower them at rest, they do not need to be exactly straight and even with the hull when you are not pulling on the clutch handle. Using the adjustable LH and RH trim linkage rods, you can move ( preset ) the trim plate up or down to suit the water conditions that you are operating in before you leave the beach or remove the hull from the trailer and launch it. This seperate adjustable plate system can also level out those hulls that list to one side or the other and do not normally run perfectly upright and level from side to side.

Some trim kits I made use another bell crank on the pivot rod to operate the oem type VTS steering nozzel. It can be interconnected with the two trim tabs, although I perfer to not have a pivoting steering nozzel as it is unnecessary IMO if you have the two trim plates to plant the bow as you accellerate from a standstill and the clutch handle to let the plates up slowly as the hull climbs to a plane and gains speed. The two trim plates also act as brakes when approaching a sharp turn while changing the attitude of the hull through and out of the turn and back up to full speed again. Perfect for bouy course racing.

Bill O'Neal
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