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  1. GP1300 Spluttering

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    Any ideas will be appreciated. My 2005 GP1300 runs like a dream but when im playing around slowly and give it full throttle it splutters for a few secs then gets full power?
  2. Foot strap on 300sx

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Size:  1.06 MBI was wondering if anyone has put a foot strap on the 2 bolts underneath the traction mat that bolt the pump on
  3. Sport cruiser builds

    Looking for anyone with info on builds Best aftermarket parts or swap outs. Information. Thanks!!
  4. WTB or rent Beach tote dolly for standup Daytona 2015

    [QUOTE=Matt Jones;4159457]Rad Dudes and/or JetLift will have some killer deals on JetLift carts.[/QUOTE

    jetlift carts?? you mean a beach dolly? how much you guys pay for those? might be able to make them for a better price?
  5. Kawasaki 750 ss xi rpm /engine issues

    Hey guys, my kawasaki 750 ss won't go over 4000 rpm on water and is taking out alot of white smoke. On land it will properly run on land upto 8000rpm but white smoke won't stop.
    Any suggestions??