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  1. 650sx Pump Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
    Skat Trak or Impros.

    Here's the link to it on Impros website:
    I believe you would select the 5mm setback option. But I would suggest you call Impros to let them know you're dropping it in a 650 pump to confirm.

    You can also call Skat Trak and order it direct, and ask for Glen. I believe they can modify them in house to
  2. Rebuilt carb same issue

    Pwc members, I just rebuilt 1997 wave venture 760 carbs still having same issue of ski will start and run fine but then when it sits for a hour it will not start unless I put fuel into the carb then fine until I stop for a hour. Did I do something wrong or other issue? Thanks for your input.

  3. Purchasing 1999 seadoo GTX Limited and 2000 Yamaha xl1200

    Can anyone give me some common problems they come across With these two waverunners? Iím buying them off an old man who hasnít used them in 2 years so theyíve been sitting. Engines on the skis donít have a spec of dirt on them, very clean skis. Gas tanks are full but he said he put some kind of additives in the fuel before putting them away. They were also never in salt water since he has owned them. Went and seen them in person and they started right up but he said he didnít not want to run them ...
  4. GTI se 155. 2007. Oil change

    I just bought two 2007 gti we 155 sea doos and I wanted to change out the oil. I was looking as to what was used and it says to use a synthetic blend 5-40. Would it be ok to use a synthetic blend thatís 10-40?
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  5. 12V low SeaDoo GTX DI

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilmac View Post
    Can anyone help I have a 2001 GTX DI running half speed 35 MPH/ 4800RPMS AND OCCASIONALLY SHOWING A 12v Low on dash Any ideas? Thanks
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