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  1. 95 ZXI 750 electrical problem

    hello, i bought a basket case zxi 750 a month back and we got it all together and noticed along the way that a wire that goes from the stator to the electric box was fried. we ran a new wire hoping things would be different but when we were getting ready to hook the battery up, the positive went on but when we touched the negative to the post we had arc. i don't know why it is sparking but something isn't right with the grouping of wires going from the stator to the box, does someone have an idea ...
  2. Carburetor flooding

    Okay, first off I'm Chris new to the forum, I own a 96 Sea-Doo gsx and bought last summer, had issues with it shutting down just like I pulled key off, somedays on calm water it would run fine, other days being a little choppy it would act up, so this winter I pulled the carbs and cleaned and repaired, now that we are getting in the groove of summer I tried starting up for the first time and seems that it's flooding out, all set screws were put to factory settings, anyway to get it started without ...
  3. spark plug watering with 1 tank

    Hi everyone, I have a zxi 900, every time I drive in the jet after spending a tank the engine starts to miss, when I shoot the candles the 3rd cylinder is wet. Can the zxi coils after heating become faulty?Name:  20180121_072338.jpg
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  4. Hydro Trailer

    Iím on the prowl for a hydro trailer somewhere along the Florida panhandle, Alabama or Mississippi coast.
    If anyone has one for sale, I would be very interested. Most places are within driving distance from Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area.
    Iím hoping to hear something positive about someone having one for sale...
  5. 90 Seadoo gtís

    Quote Originally Posted by Scoochy View Post
    I bought a couple vintage seadoos cheap last fall
    i did a refinish and restoration on them as you can see from the pic

    I had them out on labour day weekend to see how they worked both seem to run well. Good compression seem strong for a little 580 cc

    my question is what does everyone recommend for oil in these. The previous owner basically put whatever he had in them. Is it a good idea to switch to a synthetic oil (Castrol Outboard or something) or do I just stay
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