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  1. JETMATE owners thread ...

    Quote Originally Posted by oldx2 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ang4th View Post
    run it .. and it will run .. question is for how long ...but top ends are cheap and rebuildable 650 cranks aretoo so go ahead ..

    as for a different pipe ..not sure if it would be worth it ,, and very hard to make it fit ..didnttry so realy couldnt say .. i think the impeller upgrade like sfl invested in would be better worth your while .. a hopped up engine is not going to do much without a proper impeler.. i have lots of power .. but not out of the hole .. i get cav with more than
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  2. 1976 400 hard to start after running

    So my 400 will start no problems and run great! After about 20 mins of riding and then letting the ski sit for 20-30 will not start again. I have been reading that the mikuni 38 bn
    after riding ski will dump all the fuel into motor and the only way to start is open throttle all the way to allow more air into motor.. I have found this to be true but only 50% of the time . Does anyone
    know how i can fix this problem.

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  3. Tigershark Impeller Needed

    Looking for a new or lightly used tigershark impeller 14/26/148. cant find it anywhere. any help or advice would be awesome. i have been everywhere
  4. VXR problem

    Greetings Folks, I would much appreciate help to determine a start problem. Yamaha VXR 2012,80 hours.
    Starter operated but engine very slow to turn over , not fast enough to fire-up.
    -checked battery ,( professional tester did it ) , 100%
    -removed plugs and still reluctant to turn over.
    -plugs clean , oil clean,
    -looked inside water inlet grille , all clean.
    -starter motor seems to be working.
    As a bit of a Novice ,i'm stuck and would be open to suggestions. ...
  5. '93 750sx: no spark

    A few months ago I bought this ski from the second owner-my buddies' step dad.

    This is my first stand up, I've wanted one since I was a young kid. I'm 31

    It's in great condition inside and out, he took amazing care of it, garaged it always, as did the first owner.

    It has some really nice aftermarket upgrades and custom work done to it.
    He rode it in salt water(Newport and Laguna) all the years he had it, and used extensive preventative ...

    Updated 02-15-2021 at 01:14 AM by Chad C

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