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  1. Hydrodoo jetting need help

    Hi everybody! Im new here and from belgium. Can someone help me with my hydrodoo ? He hesitate a little bit from iddle to 1/4. After he goes right to the max! My settings : stock head and exhaust, 89,5 prox piston with new bored cilinder. Stock 46i carbs, carbon tech reeds. Carb setting : 2,5N/S 65gr spring, Ls 95 1 1/2 turn out, HS 167 1/2 out. Its a old race ski, i bougjt it last summer for cheap and i seized a piston because the base gasket was out!!!


  2. 08 wave runner cluster

    My cluster is toast.How do I sync a new unit?
  3. 2001 GTX DI 951 Motor blowing 15amp INJ FUSE

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilmac View Post
    Can anyone help me, I have a 951 DI motor blowing the INJ FUSE 15 amp intermittenly. It seems to do it when you try and go full speed? If you stay around 50mph it doesn't seem to blow? I have ohmed stator to ground and between windings, ignition coils, fuel injectors, rave solenoid and turned it on 30 times using 2 amp fuse directly to the battery and it clicks on and off fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lilmac
  4. 1996 787 GTX will not run right

    Bought a used 1996 GTX 787 a couple years ago and am having trouble getting it to run smooth. I ran it for most of the summer when I purchased it and it ran real good, towards fall (after about 10 -12 rides) my kids told me it started to bog a bit getting out of the hole but once it cleaned it self out/warmed up the bog was gone. I did some research online and realized it still had grey gas lines so during the winter I replaced all the fuel lines and rebuilt the carbs with carb kits I purchased ...
  5. Shaft leak 99 750 SXI Pro

    Does anyone know what is going on here ? Ended the season last year with a major leak, and the through hull bearing housing is demolished. I can only assume that piece of PVC looking thing is out of place. Picture is bottom of the hull with intake grate removed.
    Thanks in advance.
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