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  1. JetSki Poll

    We are a highschool engineering team trying to solve problems in the world. Here is our problem statement for the project.
    Jetski Big Foot beach trailers are inefficient with the guides provided. Stock guides/bunks tend to damage the hull of the jetskis after repeatedly cranking jetskis on and off. Rental companies spend an average of $1000 annually repairing both the jetski hull and the trailer.
    If you can just comment saying if this is a problem in your eyes and listing which ...
  2. Looking for riders in the Northeast Ohio area ( Lake Erie )

    Quote Originally Posted by Lookin4c View Post
    Hey all ,
    Back into riding after many years off . I'm interested in finding other pwc riders from the Northeast Ohio area . Although this season is winding down , I'm planning on starting next season early ! Maybe even take a few trips to the other Great Lakes ?
    Young or old riders , new ski's , old ski's, stand up's or sit downs . Let's just have some fun !
  3. Northeast Ohio pwc riders ?

    Hey ,
    I'm looking for other pwc riders from the Northeast Ohio area . Love riding Lake Erie , but open to other areas as well .
    Hit me up , still have a little time left this season !
  4. 2007 Waverunner VX cruiser

    [QUOTE=BillyRx;4566136]Late this summer I notice my voltage showing 18 volts then it went to just HI on my dashboard. It was normally around 14 volts. I had new battery this spring and it seems fine. I pulled rectifier/regulator and not sure I tested correctly. Has anyone here experienced this problem and have some input?[/QUOTE]